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Odd ball roomate call me Jack Tripper

Ok I live with two female roommates. I have only lived there for a couple months but it is already getting weird. One of my roommates will do stuff like plug in night-lights into every available outlet. The house looks like a damn landing strip with all these night-lights. She also moves furniture around all the time. So much so that if Helen Keller lived here she would be constantly bruised. We have 3 doors into the house. One door in front, one on the side and one in back. When she gets home she will actually peek in the windows at me for a while before she comes in and wherever I am sitting she will come in the farthest door and tiptoe to within ear reach. I have also noticed that when I wash my robe by the next day it will smell of her perfume? She will also sneak into my room when I am not there. I have no idea what she does in there however, I find her behavior in general creepy. Should I call this psycho on all her shit or since it is saving me money just ignore her psycho ass. I know she is exhibiting OCD but I am not sure what other mental\emotional problems she has any ideas?

I got an idea. Ask her why she does all that stuff.

Are they any good? I think you will have to move out soon anyway or they will drive you crazy… so fuck them both before you go and them leave them to wallow in mutual self-pity. >:-)

Just ask her why she’s doing the stuff. Sounds like she might have a thing for you. Any woman I was ever involved with like to wear my old shirt, robe, or whatever.

I agree that you have to ask her why she does all these thing and then base your actions on her response. My freshman year in college, I lived in the dorms. I became pretty good friends with another guy on the floor, but I (and many others) soon noticed that his stories were getting a little out of control. He seemed to be a compulsive liar and even exhibited some stalking behavior to one of the girls on the floor. Did he ever physically hurt anybody? No! Did he scare some people? Yes! Many on our floor talked to our Resident Advisor, but none of us actually tried to get this person help. I don’t know what happened to him after that year, but I regret never trying to talk to a psychologist about the situation or trying to get him some real help. Anyway, I hope this helps.

She wants to Fuck your brains out!!!

Weird can be a good thing. My SO is plenty weird, but I dig it. Also, irondoc is right. EVERY chick I have ever lived with wanted to wear my shirts / T shirts to sleep in, etc. I think she digs you, but can’t figure out how to express it.