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Odd Back Pain.

Early today I was warming up to squat, nothing heavy just the bar, at the bottom of the lift a strange sensation kind of surged through my low back. There is no bruising so I dont believe I tore anything, I have no pain standing or walking but as soon as I sit the pain comes back. I also experience pain while twisting but no other time. I can relieve the pain of sitting by rolling up a towel and placing it between my low back and the chair and the pain all but disappears. If anyone has had an injury like this before any insight/advice would definitely be appreciated.

Sounds like you had a mild muscle spasm. People often say they feel like they got a jolt because the muscle contracts like you got a shock. Be glad it was mild and did not put you on the floor.

I would heat, massage, foam roll, stretch (if you can without pain), and take it easy on it. Obviously avoid situations that cause you pain and try to avoid sitting or not moving for long periods of time.

how is your lumbar arch doing on your squats and deads?

My lumbar probably isn’t the best, I could probably benefit from working my t-spine more often than I do.