Odd Arms Change

before i begin, let me make it clear that im NOT asking how to get ripped, cut, get bigger arms, and im WELL aware i’m small, am in caloric surplus gaining around 3-4lb a month.

Both my arms used to look identical. I only just noticed recently that the right arm has changed in what i see as an odd way. I don’t really care that its happened and i’m not too bothered about changing it back (unless theres a risk of injury or whatever). Both arms used to look like my left arm, whereas now the righ has changed. See pics inserted. Both are pretty much equal size (right being just under 1/8th inch bigger) in case anybody was thinking theres a size difference.

i’m just curious if anybody knows why its happened. Don’t really plan on changing anything lol.

It seems the pics didn’t load (or are still loading?). If they don’t, i’m sorry, i don’t know how to get them up, in which case, just ignore the thread, wasn’t at all important anyway :slight_smile:

the picture didn’t show up, but no one is perfectly symmetrical. Muscles (even on opposing limbs) have different shapes and different insertion points. Also vascularity, amount of fat and location of veins can differ from opposing body parts.