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Odd and Severe Back/Chest Pain


Hey Guys,
I'm posting on here to see if anyone may help to give some insight regarding my uniique back pain situation. About a year ago i began having lower back pain, went to a chiropractor and was told I had an SI joint subluxation because my left leg is 8mm shorter than the right. After being adjusted many times it never seemed to correct itself, I was then given a lift to put in my left shoe to help correct. As time went on, I was assured by the chiro that weighlifting was ok, however over a period of 6 months I began developing a curvature of the spine, although sleight feels very awkward, and as a result almost all of my rib joints are locked up, popping and produce pain both in the back and in the sternum. I am now unable to do any form of physical activity as it has become too awkward. I feel that the hip is out of alignment at the atual hip/femur joint as my hips are shifted to the right regardless of even legs via the lift. Input is greatly appreciated. HTanks


How old are you? You need a VERY thorough evaluation. There is more than a simple S-I subluxation going on here. What diagnostic imaging have you had done so far? Any lab work?


Thanks for your reply,
I do agree that there is more than an SI subluxation going on, because the shift in my hips is not only vertical it is horizontal as well, I believe taht the actual ball and socket joint at the acetebelum is subluxated mildly, causing my right leg to appear longer, and thus shifting my entire pelvis to the right while standing, which in turn creates the curvature of my spine which is mild. I have been this way for a year now, I am 23 and did not have scoliosis prior to this situation, nor have a ever felt uneven or had lower back/hip pain before the injury. I feel that my intense endevours with olympic lifts and functional weightlifting while unbalanced to this degree has caused my thoracic cage to lock up like it has, due to the postural curvature created by the hip subluxation. This is my theory as I have not grown at all and do not feel that scoliosis simply decided to randomly appear. I have had rib adjustments etc that provide temporary relief but i do not feel that any of these efforts will help because of the curvature. I am going to have my hip looked at this week, hopefully it will provide some insight. I have had MRI’s of my lumbar and thoracic done, they revealed no issues with the vertebrea or the discs, be it degeneration etc…The x rays i have had of my sacral region and thoracic revealed the curve, and while looking at the sacral region and measuring the images, the difference appears to be in the proximal end of the femur which teh x ray could not clarify. THe angle begins at the hips, at the start of the thoracic it curnves convexly to the right. No labs have been done. The amount of muscle tension is very miserable. If labs are appropriate, I am clueless as to what to test.

Again I thank you for your contribution as to I am very adamant on fixing this because it has taken my youth from me.


I should add the the amount of pain malfunction has progressed gradually over the last half year, to where now my sternum pops constantly in coordination with the facet joints of my spine at certain points. I feel like my spine will have to straighten before I can successfully regain movement throught my ribs.


OK, let me start with a disclaimer. This is an internet chat room. I have obviously never seen, much less examined you. Please take what I say with a large grain of salt. But, if x-ray and MRI are clean, I would try blood work. Start with a plain old count. A doctor will want to look for any signs of inflammation and/or auto-immune activity.

In a general sense, this might be indicated by elevated white blood cell count and/or elevated ESR. Then, more specifically they can check for RA factor and HLA-B27. These might indicate certain types of arthritis. There are a couple types of arthritis that can occur in men your age and effect the S-I joints and the spine.

I will say that this could be a plausible explanation for many of your symptoms, but I am unsure about the curvature. I haven’t had experience with any of these things causing curvature, but I don’t see tons of these cases either. I hope you are able to find an answer.