Odd Abdominal Pain When Lifting

Hey guys, I am fairly novice…been training hard for 3 months new on a modified SL5x5 program. Last week while squatting, on one of my reps I leaned forward a bit further than usual and immediately felt a “pinching” sensation on a very specific small spot on my right lower abdomen, about 3" above my crotch. It was followed by a slight burning that lasted a few minutes. It was not severe, maybe 2/10, but it’s a sensation I’ve never felt. I finished out my workout.

Today, same exact thing again on my first work set of squats. I pushed through but ended up cutting my workout short because it was definitely getting worse. I can’t see anything different and I can’t feel any lumps. The area is not tender at all and the pain/burning goes away very quickly after I stop lifting.

Does this sound like a hernia? My dad had one repaired recently and his doctor said there is genetic predisposition. I’m worried because he was out of the gym for weeks and still has pain.

Should I get checked out immediately? Take a break for a few days and see what happens? Ignore it? It’s not an unbearable pain at all, just worrisome. Thanks for any advice.

Not saying this is what is going on with you but it sounds similar to a symptom I had 2 years ago.
One thing you can do to self check yourself, is really relax your abdominal muscles, and I mean really really relax them so that there is no tension, and then dig your fingers around and search for hot spots out to the sides and a little bit above your belly button. You just might find that your psoas is inflamed like mine was, and if it is you can stretch it by doing a warrior lunge stretch with side bend and twist back a little until you feel it in that area, and work on lower abdominal strength.

But if you feel more concerned about it, definitely go in and have it checked by a professional.

Definitely get this checked out. Any GP should be able to rule out hernia if that’s the case. I had a similar symptom most of last year, and no doctors could figure out what it was. After some research on my own, I realized it was abdominal trigger points. I went to a massage therapist who did trigger point therapy, and after just a few weeks they went away. They flare up from time to time, but I nip it in the bud by laying on a lacrosse ball and rolling the ball deep over the tight area.

When else does it hurt besides lifting?

Should I get checked out immediately?[/quote]

  • Yes. The fact that two different guys on the internet say ‘sounds like what I had’ then desribe two completely different problems and solutions convinces me of this.

Could very well be a hernia.

I had the same pain, i got it from using the damn ab wheel. I definitely injured something in my lower right abdominal using that death wheel lol (I’m never using it again).

Hanging leg raises were the cure for me, strengthen it up. I should have gotten it checked out though, i most likely will if it comes back. Just keep the squat form tight.

Make that three guys.

Yes get it checked out.
Yes it sounds like it could be a hernia. If there is no lump or pain then it may not be a bad one but they do get worse.

Also on the get-it-checked bandwagon. Hernias are nothing to screw around with. I gave myself a hernia deadlifting when I was 16 (and an idiot). Mine started with a little pinch, and two days later it felt like someone kicked me in the crotch.