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OD on Creatine?


yes this is noobish, but after trying C mono two years ago while following the guidelines (2x 5g a day) with no noticable results, i have decided to give it another go. since monday, i have been taking 2x 25g a day, either pre and post training or before and after work depending.

i have noticed a huge surge in energy and endurance at work and training (no change in diet or other supplementation) and no cramps/rage/anal bleeding etc. is continuing with this dosage sensible? does anyone else do similar amounts? should i put it in my socks for better results?


As long as you're not suffering from gastrointestinal distress, I don't think there's a problem.


Please stop wasting 40g of creatine a day. Do some reading and you'll realize why it's pointless to take more than 5-10 a day.


To be fair, he did try it at those doses with no effect. Now he is trying it at higher doses and having great results.

Pretty sciency sounding articles can attempt to, but cannot explain individual variance, so don't use it as a trump card over something which is clearly working for the OP.

And to contribute to the thread, I have never heard of toxicity from creatine; I would imagine that many other people have taken doses that high. I believe you are safe OP.


The recommended dosing for creatine is 5-10 g/day after 5-7 days of a loading dose of 20-25 g/day. Dosing can be weight dependent with a maintenance dose of .3 g/kg/day. I wouldnt continue with 50 g/ day its added stress on your liver and kidneys. 25 g/day is the maximum recommended dose.


Kidneys are theoretical, but I have not heard of any kidney damage to healthy kidneys from any non-toxic compounds such as creatine or protein, regardless of dosage.

And Liver?