OCTS System and Modified Push / Pull

Hello Christian,

Is it possible to adapt your OCTS system to a modified push / pull ?


What’s your challenge when thinking about this? OCTS is about different contraction types and a split is just a method of organizing your exercises. I guess my question is why not?

You can’t apply the system as is, which means training one type of contraction per workout. This would recommend 6 weekly sessions with the split you mentioned. This is too much for most, especially if using the plan as an athlete (so doing other things, not just strength training).

I see two ways of doing this:

Have 4 weekly sessions:

S1: Modified push 1
S2: Modified pull 1
S3: Modified push 2
S4: Modified pull 2

S1 and S2 would be where you do your eccentric emphasis and stato-dynamic emphasis work

S3 and S4 would be regular, or concentric, work

The first way of doing it is to alternate eccentric emphasis and stato-dynamic emphasis weekly. For example, for S1 and S2:

Weeks 1, 3, 5, 7… would be eccentric emphasis
Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8… would be stato-dynamic emphasis

Or option 2, you would do both eccentric and stato-dynamic every week on S1 and S2

I much prefer option 1 as the second option would require you doubling the number of exercises in the workouts to cover all three types of contractions on all basic patterns.



Forgive my ignorance, but do all contraction types have to be trained concurrently in the OCTS? I’m thinking so, based on your response. So it wouldn’t be viable to do a 3-week block of eccentric, then stato-dynamic, etc.?

The 3 contraction types have to be trained in each block because all 3 contraction types are periodized (from volume to load to speed).

Doing a block of eccentric, a block of stato-dynamic, etc. is triphasic training (by Cal Dietz).

It is my belief that if you stop training a type of action, you lose a good amount of the adaptations PLUS all three types of contractions can be trained many different ways and in a progressive manner, so I believe that keeping all three in all the phases is superior.

But to answer your question, yes, all contraction types are to be trained concurrently, in the OCTS, that’s one of the key principles of the system.

Can you train the contraction types separately in different blocks? Of course. But it’s not OCTS.

It’s kinda like asking if you can do the Westide system by doing the repetitive effort on block 1, the max effort method on block 2 and the dynamic effort on block 3… sure, but it’s not Westside anymore (it’s closer to traditional western athletic periodization).


That makes a ton of sense. Thank you!

Thank you very much for your feedback.
I did not understand or rather did not know how to organize the sessions. Many thanks for your help !

Hello Christian,
Quick question: in order to increase the push force, is there a benefit to include from the incline bench from pins ?