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Octogenarian Gains?

I bet if they’d had those women eat more, they would have made some big gains! Scientist - humf!

“The study also suggests that it is better to build as much muscle mass as possible earlier in life to ensure more muscle strength in later life.”

On a side note, this is what most of us have been yapping ont his fucking forum anyway. The window of opportunity doesn;t stay open as long as you assume it does. When you’re young enough to build a ton of size, BUILD AS MUCH SIZE AS YOU CAN. Don;t fret about your abs and being attractive to average out of shape housewives through your 20’s to 40’s return to T-Nation as a hopelessly out of shape 40 year old with non-existent testosterone who has learnt the error of his ways, and now wants to build an admirable physique. If you didn;t build the base when young, you’ll gain next to nothing.

And here, submitted for your approval, here is an 86 year old female bodybuilder.