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OCS training

I am applying to OCS in the Marines and Air Force, but I have no past military back ground so I need to do really well on the Physical tests. Basically for the Marines I need to do at least 20 pull-ups and 100 sit-ups and for the Air Force I need to do 42 Push ups and 100 situps and run the 2 mile in a good time. My question is How should I work the pull ups in to my work out ? on what day should I do them and what rep schemes? Right now I am on week 16 of the VIP program for Coach Davies, and I eat clean and a lot and use whey and BCAA’s

Thanks In advance

Read the post above “Female Needs Help” I am also in OCS!!!

Try Pavel’s Ladder method- I’m not sure what issue it was in- try the search option. Also- Just a word about Marine Corps versus Air Force OCS- Nothing against the Air Force, but the physical training in Marine Corps OCS is immeasurably tougher- so keep that in mind. Also, and most importantly, if you plan on going to Marine Corps OCS RUN, RUN, and RUN SOME MORE!!! You should train for endurance as well as strength, but you need to be running 3 miles in 21 minutes or less (18:00 3-mile run, 20 pullups and 100 modified crunches in 2 minutes will give you the maximum score on the physical fitness test). Best of luck.

If you are doing Renegade training already than you can’t be that far away from being ready to blow them all away at camp. Does coach know you are doing this?

I sent him an e-mail last week asking some questions about it, but I never got a responce…I just figured he was busy because it is football season.
Hope to hear form you soon

What is OCS?

How do I find out about renegade training and how do I get involved in it?

OCS is Officer Candidate School.

Try out charles stayles modified gymnasts routine for the pull ups… its somewhere in the archives. After using it over te last six weeks give or take i can tell you that you will notice a big difference in your upper body strength, ive also found that training with a thickened bar helps… when you get assessed im guessing it will be a thinner bar and popping out the reps seems to feel easier when you make the switch. Good luck!!

If you are training to enter the military, then here is the advice i will give you. Train those events! I enter Boot camp on December 2 and when I was asking for advice on this board and dragondoor.com, I was told to train those events. And it works. Get a pull up bar and do grease the groove. Which is just do pull ups all day. Just don’t train to failure. This is coming from someone who just two weeks ago could only do 3 and last saturday banged out 6 chins at the poolee IST run. And I couldn’t do one pullup (pronated) but this morning did 5! Not the greatest, but i’m improving. It’s working. and run. Run, run, and run. Do long runs and interval runs, but run.

I simply did the PT test, twice a week. That strategy took me from also-ran (literally) to maxing it for 9 straight years. It also helped me relax and concentrate while doing it for real, which is very important if you really want to excel (it’s very distracting while doing it in a large group, you have to weave in and out around other runners–which adds to the distance you must run and gets you out of rythm). BTW, smoking the PT test is HUGE in your military record.