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Ocean's Eleven!

I just saw “Ocean’s Eleven”! Pretty Cool! I HIGHLY reccomend it! I have a couple of questions for you guys (ESPECIALLY Pat!)

  1. In “Today’s Hollywood”, how in the WORLD did they get 50-100 million dollars worth of actors into one film?

    2)Any thoughts on the original starring Frank Sinatra and the rest of the “Rat Pack”? (I haven’t seen it). How do they compare?

    Thanks guys!

yeah, that’s a pretty good movie.

  1. George Clooney got all of them to take reduced salaries to make the movie together.
  2. The old one is…not so good…at best.

Oooh boy. Yup, saw this flick. And despite the star power, I was rather bored. I am a huge Steven Soderbergh fan, too. But he put much more thought into his version than was done for the original. The things I liked about the flick? The heist, while most critics found the heist slow and boring, I thought it was a definite highlight. The “chemistry” between Brad Pitt and George Clooney. Much more believable than the so-called chemistry between Clooney and Julia “I’m just here for a paycheck” Roberts. Andy Garcia made a great baddie. Much of the script/dialogue was tight. Oh, and the Chinese acrobat dude was THE best thing in the entire movie. (And Elliot Gould shows he still can out-act just about anyone in the room).

1)Well, just to be able to work with a good director and a good cast and be in a potential BIG hit, many a "star" (of the A-List variety) will take a "pay cut". Which is what happened here.

2)I think the majority of us here know about the history of the Rat Pack. That they were all close buds - the original gave them the opportunity to work together. And that's all really. It was a no-brainer flick. The reason why no one really heard or remembered the original, UNTIL Steven Soderbergh's intention for a remake was announced, was that it was not that great. However the poster for the original is wonderful. Striking and more memorable than the movie itself.

I do plan on renting the DVD, I have to watch it again. Sometimes what doesn't work on the big screen works better on a small screen. This movie seemed more "intimate" -so I have a feeling it may work that way.

sorry, I didn’t like that movie…all those actors are a bunch of phonies, except for Bernie Mac & ANdy Garcia…Why? They tried to diss my main man Bill O’ Reilly, and DanK doesn’t take too kindly to spin doctors that have no idea what they are talking about & only do things to get more publicity (like Julia Roberts weeping like a baby at the 9/11 fundraiser…yes it was a sad time in our nation, but people that are so self-serving like that just piss me off…And Clooney?? screw that schmuck, none of those stars know what they are doing outside of how to get more publicity and make themselves more wealthy.)

I liked the movie but Julia Roberts is so ugly!!! Old, fat, walks like a duck what were they thinking?

Dank, you may opine on any subject on this board, my friend. Finally, another O’Reilly fan!

i thought it was an awesome movie! then again, it doesnt take much to entertain me, so im not one to judge, but i thought it was pretty good. totally believable, maybe not, but with a good imagination its a great flick

Great movie. By the way, did any of you notice how Don Cheadle didn’t have his name with the big stars in the little credits? Apparently there was some dispute with him and someone so he said he didn’t want his name with the movie. I’ve heard he is a stubborn actor.