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Ocean's 13!


I loved 11 and 12 (the remakes). Kill yourself if you dont think 12 was good! They story was average but the cast just gelled and made it really enjoyable. On to the point of this post.....Al Pacino has been inked to the movie! This is huge and I cant wait to see what they do with him. I hope he's a bad guy!



I hope Pacino isnt included, I loved Ocean's 11, liked 12 but with Pacino all you get is over-acting and yelling.


11 was good. 12 was weak. 13 will probably suck!


If he kills Julia Roberts, then I will definitely go see it.



She is not going to be in it as of right now along with Catherine Zeta. They didnt write them into the script/have a use for them.


I haven't seen a JR movie yet where she had a use, but somehow she keeps showing up.



HA! But I'd hit it,
without hesitation....!


Agreed, whole-heartedly, I cannot stand her.

Also, I just find her completely unattractive for some reason. She looks like a freakin' horse when she smiles. I dunno, just not for me.

Although I'm sure I might not be for her either...


very cool. I loved both 11 and 12...I can't wait to see what they're going to do with the new one.

As for JR, I'd hit it like a red headed step child.


From what I read she's a major cunt too. They actually had to pospone filming on Ocean's 12 because the female extras were too sexy and detracted from Julia. She refused to work till they got averge looking women. I'd still bend her over though.


Loved 11...12 was OK...cannot wait to see how 13 turns out.

You CANNOT go wrong with De Niro or Pacino


I can't stand her.
If he kills Julia Roberts in it,then that alone is worth spending my 8 bucks on.


If I kill Julia Roberts, will you sneak me some Biotest supplements across the Alberta border?


Pssh, I drove up to Canada last weekend, and the border patrol didn't even check for my passport, or i.d., or anything.

They said "what are you going to Canada for?", and I said "skiing", and they said "go ahead". They didn't even look in my vehicle.

So sure, knock off Julia Roberts and I'll "sneak" you some Biotest supplements...


Did you happen to mail yourself across the border? Probably not.

The sad truth is that customs is more picky about what is mailed across the border than who comes across the border.

What are they supposed to be suspicious of, anyway? Were you going to bomb Banff, or was it just a trip up to Vegreville to steal the giant Easter Egg?

Regardless, Julia Roberts deserves to die.