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Ocean Weight Loss!

Just read this in an online article

Not one person has ever believed they can lose weight just sitting in the ocean for one hour. So I will devote this
section to the subject and try and discuss it thoroughly.

The bigger you are, the more weight you will lose per hour. If the trainee is 50 to 80 lbs. overweight, they will lose
10 or 12 lbs. in one hour. Just sitting, no swimming. ½ is fat and ½ is water. The salt dehydrates the skin and the
cold burns stored fat. The muscles are protected because they are the �??furnace�?? that produces the heat in our bodies.

Fat releases 3000 calories per pound verses 1500 calories per pound of carbohydrates. Much more heat is produced
by fat then carbohydrates. The body is in a serious emergency, if our body temperature goes down by two degrees
we pass out and die. We are using hypothermia to lose weight.

Within two minutes of being up to your chest or neck in the cold water, the thyroid is rapidly raising to meet the
challenge of this terrible heat loss. The body always wants to conserve fat for an emergency and this is one. The
heart operates directly off of fat, it is the only organ that does, the rest operate off of carbohydrates. That is why the
body is so reluctant to burn fat when we exercise. It consumes that energy source last to make sure the heart has
energy to operate on.

Why does this work? We are warm-blooded mammals; our constant temperature of 98.7 allows us to be active
anytime of the day or night. When we enter the water we start losing body heat at 22 times the rate of losing body
heat in just the atmosphere. (Air)
There was a real life story years ago about a sailor that fell off a ship just off shore from our coast. They found him
after he had been floating on his back in the cold water for 12 hours. He had lost 90 lbs. during his stay in the water.

If he had not been over weight he would have died from hypothermia. He was losing 7-1/2 lbs. per hour while in the
Using cold water means you do not have to STARVE to lose weight. If your training and diet are balanced, the
weight will stay off once it is lost in this manner. The new level of your metabolic rate will stay up for 5 days. Go to
the ocean again at that time or sit in a bathtub with bags for ice and 2 cups of Epsom salts. A hot tub with the heat
turned off works very well, plus 2 cups of Epsom salts.

The salt will not harm the hot tub; they are designed to
handle chlorine.
Sitting in the cold water is very difficult and boring. You have nothing to do but concentrate on how cold you are. It
helps a great deal to have a friend join you. I use a swimmer�??s stopwatch to time myself or I want to get out in just a
few minutes. I shoot for 1 hour but must stay in for at least 30 minutes to have any effect. In the winter the water
temperature goes into the 50�??s and I can only go into my waist for 30 minutes before turning blue.

If the wind is blowing hard, do not go into the water, the chill factor is so great it will make you sick.
Bring along some hot Green Tea or Hot Coffee in a thermos mug, sweetened with honey. If too cold or you start to
shake uncontrollably, get out for while, drink the hot liquid and honey to get some carbohydrates back into your
system. It is a total of an hour and not a constant hour that counts to the body. It is OK to get in for 15 minutes or so
and then get out for 10 minutes to get warm for the next 15 minutes in the water.

One of the greatest benefits for any contestant is the fact that the cold water also consumes the extra skin on your
body from the weight loss. I think the body is reducing surface area of the skin to try and stop the terrible heat loss
through the skin. It will tighten up your stomach skin like nothing else in this world. This is a really good trick.
Losing weight in this manner means no STARVING or OVER-TRAINING to get ready for a contest!!!

Once you get home take a luke warm shower or bath and treat your skin to some oil or skin cream to replace the
natural oil the salt took out. Extra Virgin Olive Oil with some body oil and water in a sprayer is good and quick to
use. Do not get into a very hot bath or shower; you will lower the thyroid charge you just got from the cold water.
I wish I could claim to be the inventor of this great fat loss trick.

Back in the 1970�??s or 80�??s I read a magazine article
about it in Iron Man magazine. I think that was the magazine, they kept changing owners and names quicker then we
could keep up.
I have only seen this in print that one time. In his magazine articles or his book Arnold spoke of �??swimming in the
ocean 20 minutes every day and running on the beach every day. I did not �??connect the dots�?? until I read the
magazine article. I was raised at the beach; I should have come up with this!
Try it and see! It works!


Or....you could just do some cardio and resistance training and cut down on calories for a few weeks.


Really? I dunno. Has anyone tried this??


Hypothermia is fun!


Wind chill factor in water?

What rubbish.


I hate cardio and dieting. I need some ice for my bath tub.

I've heard this before. When I used to scuba dive.


Very interesting at the least. Anyone know anything more on the subject?


very interesting. I use cold showers and really like them. I had never thought of this though. I will do some thinking and may give this a try. If I do it and experience some good results I'll post them on here.


O.k so i tried this today. Went to my local and bought four bags of ice and a bag of salt. Ran a cold bath and added the ingredients. Nice.

Weighed myself right before, the scales said 13.7 and 3 quarters. Dipped into the nice freezing bath, was too cold so took out 2 bags of ice. Got used to it and was not even shivering, so after a bit added the other bags of ice.

My head, chest and most of my legs were not submerged in the water so i didn't shiver that much. It was bearable. I got bored so got out after about 55 minutes. (I timed it.)

I reckon i could of stayed in longer and lost more weight, however i didn't. So i weighed myself straight after, i weighed 13.6 and 1 quarter.

So altogether i lost 1 and a half pounds of weight. I'll be honest i looked a bit different in the mirror, i was pleased with the results although i expected more scale weight difference. I will be trying this again soon. Even warm salted water would result in loss of water under the skin. Just an idea.


fat burning supplements = owned

I'm trying to this when i get the xbox into the shower.


You weighed 13.7 and 3 quarters pounds before, and 13.6 and 1 quarter pound after? Do you mean stone?


Using some crude math and the assumptions in the original piece.

1 pound of fat = 3000 calories

Cold water makes you lose heat 22 times as fast as ambient air (we will use 24 because it is easier) Lets assume your metabolism is revved up to 24 times as fast to accomodate.

Assume you normally burn ~ 3000 calories in a day, this means you use 1 pound of fat in a regular day.

Submerged in cold water you will burn 24 pounds of fat in a day or 1 pound in an hour unless you get hypothermia.


You looked different in the mirror after a soak in a cold tub? Well duh, do you think it might have been the skin tightening up due to a response to the cold? I'm sure your third leg looked very different as well...
I know Poliquin has noted that on Olympic swimmers, even though they have lower bodyfat %'s they appear smooth due the body's response of adding subcutaneous fat below the skin for insulation.
Major weight loss by soaking in water... some people will do anything to not have to put forth any effort.


Yes that is weight in stone so 189.75 lbs down to 188.25 lbs in an hour.


Yeah buddy! (Some people even use drugs?!) Get a life i'll do what i want, I am training and have started cutting, i've already gone from 202lbs down to what i said today from serious undereating, no carbs and sometimes training multiple times a day.

I think i'm entitled to a little experimentation and it worked, jealous?

Out of decency i'll stop here.


A simple test for stage 1 hypothermia is the inability to touch your pinky with your thumb. I could do this easily during my dip.


Jealous? Not hardly. But I was referring more to the people that would try to advocate this to the easy out crowd, than to your experiment. I believe the effects to be temporal.
But, if you are continuing the experiment keep us posted; I'm not close minded, just cynical. Carry on.


Sorry for the misunderstanding. This original post was from a previously competitive bodybuilder but much of what he wrote didn't make sense entirely so take it with a pinch of salt, no pun intended.

Your right the effect has seemed a bit temporal, plus my physique can change dramatically in a single day. But i was impressed enough to try this again in about a weeks time. This would lead to less of an under skin development of fat for insulation.

I won't be doing this everyday, plus i feel a little tired and have the urge to almost hibernate, i don't even want to go out tonight and it's a friday, very rare for me.


No harm done my friend. The fault probably lies with me and the way I wrote; the article itself had me feeling a little snarky. The caveat I added from Poliquin was to give you the benefit of something to consider. Hope you feel better, peace.


Gee golly whizz, there Champ. That's a radical discovery but I've been spending entirely too much time in the ocean for years now and that's never happened to me. Plus heck, if you're so excited about 1 miserable pound of weight lost, you might as well go shit, puke, and cut an arm off or two. That's at least 20lb!