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I have an amusing story I want to share.

Over the weekend, I was visiting a few friends. They just had a kid and we were talking about her and catching up on other things cause I havn’t seen them in awhile. Anyways, I saw that they had a treadmill and dip bench and we got talking about training and nutrition. Well…atleast I got talking about training and nutrition…haha. I started talking about how much I spend a week on groceries ($80-$90 per week) and that I only use my credit card for buying Surge and Grow. And I talked about the current routine I am doing and what not. Well, my friend is a social worker and he works with clients who are criminals and such. After listening to all I had to say concerning my training and how meticulous I am about my diet…he looked at me and said, “You know Tony, based on everything you just said, if you were a client of mine, I would label you as having OCD.” I laughed and said whatever! But he was serious!! HAHA. What do you all think? Do we have OCD? Interesing topic I think. I say no. We are just dedicated to improving ourselves. But, I guess in the long-run, I can see how a person who isn’t used to this lifestyle would look at someone like “us” and think we were psycho…haha. Any thoughts?

I’ve been around o a lot of people who are OCD, and we are not OCD.

For example.

Last year I had a student who was diagnosed with OCD and it was more pronounced when he was stressed out. Well, about two months into the curriculum this dude got stressed out. He started arranging everyones desks, color coordinating the thumbtacks on the corkboard, and picking apart his food so that the ingredients would be separated (hamburgers, hotdogs, burritos, dude even separated breading from chicken).

We’re only meticulous about our workouts, supplements and diet… Well, now what you think about it, maybe we are OCD!

Obsessed and proud of it.

I don’t know Tony, you were pretty upset about your binge. :slight_smile:

ah yes Jared…but apparently it wasn’t a “true” binge…haha.

The more and more I think about it, the more and more I realize that everyone in my life just doesn’t get it. I try to explain to them the reasoning on why I eat the majority of my carbs only after training…and they just look at me like I am crazy. For example:

A few weeks ago I went to the movies with my brother and a good friend. I trained at like 1 in the afternoon and had already had my 2 P+C meals post-training. We get to the theater a bit early and my friend buys a package of twizzlers and throws them to me. I tell him that I’m not hungry and that I wouldn’t eat them now anyways. He looks at me and says, “dude you have a eating problem.” I thought to myself, “this coming from someone who ALWAYS complains to me about having a gut and how out of shape you are!!” But I just kept my mouth shut and laughed. It happens all the time. People think I am crazy that I keep a food log and that I write out my workouts before I go to the gym. My mom finds it hard to believe that I spend $90 a week on groceries for myself when she spends that exact amount for her AND my step-dad AND my brother for the week (who are big boys to say the least…both are well over 300 lbs)…haha. I weigh 190 lbs and my grocery bill is more than two guys who weigh 700 lbs combined!

Speaking of which…this is waaaay off topic, but it kind of bugs me that it costs so much more for me to eat “healthy” than if I didnt give a rats ass what I ate. Whenever I go to the grocery store to do my shopping, it always amazes me to look at what all these other people buy who are not in the best of shape and see their carts are twice as full as mine with junk food, yet there bill is pretty close, if not lower than mine!

I remember one time when my ex and I were shopping (while we were both still in school) and another couple (both of which were REALLY big and kinda dirty looking) was ahead of us in line with a cart full to the brim with all kinds of meat, potato chips galore, soda, processed this, processed that…and then they bring out the ol’ “food stamp” card courtesy of our government…meaning they dont have to pay for jack squat. Meanwhile, my ex and I are pinching coins so that we can buy chicken breasts, frozen veggies, flax bread, and fresh fruit. It just doesnt seem fair!!!

Well, I know the last two paragraphs had nothing to do with the original posts, but I just happened to think of them. Any comments?

dont know if im obsessed and i dont care. if i am, i cant think of a better thing to be obsessed with.

oh no, im obsessed with constantly trying to improve my physique, so i dont look like the average a-hole. what a shame.

I am definitely OCD, but not that bad. My hanging shirts are organized into casual button downs and dress shirts. Casual button downs are color coordinated, as are the dress shirts. My ties are color coordinated also. My place is always clean, picked up and neat.

I don’t pick apart my food though. I fucking inhale it.

My god, I’m OCD.

I’m a little sick of the general public dismissing health minded individuals as OCD. Determination and goal setting seem to be almost unpopular in our culture now and it really pisses me off. These people need to be kicked in the ass, several times. How the fuck else is someone supposed to accomplish anything this difficult? We aren’t supposed to pay attention to detail and organize our lifestyles? Bull shit! These people are just jealous of those of us that have the capacity. Would they say a doctor was obsessed if he focused his entire life on the practice of medicine? No, then don’t dismiss health related lifestyles as these people often use thier knowledge to help others. GENERAL PUBLIC BEWARE OR JOIN US!

What is really I think a disorder, are the people that think in order to enjoy your life, you have to fill your body & mind with crap. That is an addiction in my book.

People tell me I am obsessed for the same reasons. I go out to bars and drink diet coke. I still buy rounds though.

Why is it whenever you are excited and want to tell someone about something, they think something is wrong with you?

Btw, I was diagnosed with OCD many years ago & put on meds, now I am all better (I guess it was not that bad since it went away). I did use to do some pretty weird things… So… maybe I still am but I sublimate it into more constructive behaviors… :slight_smile: