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Occupy Wall Street


What is everybody's opinion on what is going on down there?




Meh, they'll run out of dope or something and head home.


Thank you Sloth. I loved your work in Goonies and appreciate what is probably the most accurate answer I have heard all week on this one.

p.s. The newest issue of Mental Floss Magazine reported that former Raider great John Matuszak played Sloth in that movie. Never knew that. Guy was a real bad ass. Loved him in Ice Pirates.


Beyond pathetic. Utter dregs of society:

"a sleepy-eyed young man in a rumpled T-shirt cuddling a pet rat, and a woman who pranced about in her underwear"

They don't even know why they're protesting:

"End financial aid to Israel"; "End greed, end poverty, end war"; "No death penalty"; "Tired of racism."

Just a bunch of assorted freaks. EVERY one of them on welfare no doubt.


down where???nyc..these people r clueless and have no jobs.this equals too much free time


sponsored by Soros


IM glad someone is protesting down there. Wall Street doesnt give a fuck about the country. My biggest complaint being even if you invest in stocks you still have no control over rampant increases in CEO compensation. That and a stock will get a price increase even if the move is short sighted and hurts the USA as a whole. (moving all manufacturing over seas etc)

Welfare is actally a good investment. Look at Mexico or South America if you think just letting everyone besides the rich live in abject poverty. At $80,000 a year to put people in prision its much cheaper and lowers the crime rate to help people out of hard times.

Another major beef with wall street etc is if they arent making money off it then it gets outlawed. Example my Grandpa and Grandma where ordering meds from Canada. Saved a ton of money. Yup its a pain in the ass now cause drug companies cant get rich charging citizens in the US 2X more than every other country.


The folks doing the protesting are a bunch of whiny-ass bitches being there bitch selves whining about how it's unfair that they are not happy and wealthy like Gates, Buffet, Koch, Soros, etc....

However, their ad campaign is Highlarious...



She paid $100k for a history degree. [i]A history degree.[/i]

Seriously, what was she planning on doing with a history degree that would net her a return on the $100k she invested into getting it?

If you're going to invest $100k into an education then everything you sign should start with Dr. and end with Ph.D. For fuck's sake invest in a field that will net you a return.


A Criminal Justice degree is something you get online. You don't go to a university and you don't pay $60k for it. Yes, you are correct. You should have gotten a degree in accounting, finances, science, or engineering. Then you could have gotten a job, and become a productive member of society.


Maybe it's because you don't know the difference between the words "cause" and "because", or how to use them in a sentence. If this is her plead for help over some perceived injustice, then I can only imagine how poorly worded her resumes and applications were.



The "military?" Not the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Reserves, National Guard, etc....

If he had joined the military, assuming it's not the reserves, then shouldn't he be deployed somewhere? I thought signing up still meant 4 years.

Generic and ambiguous does not make for a convincing argument.


My favorite. It's so generic they used it twice.

Most folks seem to be proud of the universities they graduated from. I graduated from Texas A&M. It was the only school I applied to, and the only one I wanted to attend.

"I graduated with honors from one of the top universities in the country."

Nobody says that in conversation. Nobody wants to be that ambiguous about where they spent 4-6 years of their life.

"Projected income: $40K-100K"

Who gets a job offer with a $60k per year variance in pay?

"Actual income: less than $3k per year"

Ah. She was in sales, and must have been a really shitty saleslady; she couldn't sell heaters to Eskimos bad.

I'm not sure if the goal of these ads are to garner sympathy or contempt.


This place sometimes.. shakes head.

Good to see someone protesting against the sub-human scum who move money for a living.
I applaude them.


Sub-human? And, you do realize that those "scum" make it possible for others to actually invest with some level of protection?

I'm not sure who they are protesting, maybe they should stop being lazy asses. I got 5 interviews out of 6 companies I talked to last Thursday. I told two others that I wasn't interested (not my dream job) and I have final interviews with the all five of the ones I interviewed with coming up. Yeah, it is difficult in this market to get a job, you know what you have to do? Be at top performer. These people don't want to work hard enough to be a top performer. They expect to be given work because they went to school. That's BS. They don't deserve anything. They have to work for it.


Lazy, stupid scum..all of them (the protesters).

"I took $100,000 for a history degree." Dumbass. First, if you're picking a subject that has little return for a job, how's that my fault? And why do you have $100,000 in loans? Let me guess, you didn't want to work and go to school so you used loans to pay for everything include rent and food. And let's say you study history because want to become a teacher (admirable, I'm studying english literature because I wish to become a teacher), then get your bachelors from a state school, get a job, and later, when you can support yourself, go back for a higher degree and more pay.

You're 20, have no job or job experience? That's your fault...or your parents. Should have gotten a job at McDonalds in high school. Not too late though, fast food is always hiring..there's your experience.

These fucking people. I started working when I was 14 (guess I'm one of those privileged few to be lucky enough to start working on farms in the summer). Saved. When I was 16, bought my own car (used, from family). Turned 18, graduated, went to a community college, got my associates and EMT training. Got a job as an EMT. Saved and saved and saved. Now, I'm 24 and working on my bachelors. Suuure, you little 99 percenters got to graduate at 22, maybe 23. But, you either did it on mommy and daddy's dime, or took out a shit ton of loans; meanwhile, I'm completely self-sufficient and have ten years of job experience under my belt. So even if I can't score a teaching job right out of college, I can pretty easily get a job and be just fine while I look for one. And by look, I mean call, visit, search, possibly even have to look out of state, but I'll still get one before your asses because I understand that A) they don't come to you and B) you have to work your ass off make yourself look better than the rest.

I've been working my ass off for years. I've saved my money. Just because mommy and daddy handed everything to you and you've never had to work for anything in your life...that's not my fault. We all make choices, don't try to get sympathy from me because you made the wrong ones.


But the thing is that the crooks on Wall Street and in the City in London made the wrong choices. They bet against their own stock that they flogged as AAA to buyers. They resist any meaningful reform. They played havoc with taxpayer's money. And now because they infest and lobby government, they walk away with billions of taxpayer's money and continue to resist any regulation in a market that brought the world to its knees. In any other profession, swathes of investment banks, including their CEOs, would be imprisoned, not given a position in government! This is not to say I think that the financial industry should be abolished, it's just that if you're in an industry where billions of dollars can be lost in a day, it'd be good to have watertight regulation

fwiw I'm putting myself through university, working part-time, lining up jobs all the time, and I'll come out with debt but not as much as most.


This is one of the most bitter, bullshit filled posts I've ever read here.

There's no fucking jobs. People get angry when there's no fucking jobs, especially when they've been told that if they go to college and get a degree in WHATEVER they'll be able to get a job.

I love this Occupy Wall Street thing and I hope it spreads in order to counteract that dipshit-filled Teabagger party that has hijacked my country.


(...) our assessment indicates that as of 2009, the net worth of the nation?s 400 wealthiest individuals exceeds the net worth of half of all American households.



Obama missed a golden moment to go after these pricks who did this, but he was in it with them. NOT ONE SINGLE FEDERAL INDICTMENT issued on this mess, but he will beat his chest about Wall Street fatcats.

That protesting shit won't amount to anything, not til the bring the axes and pitchforks.