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OCC's Paul Sr. Busted?


Thought he looked a little gaunt.....



He was pretty stupid to allow his source get hold of his personal data.


Did you read that article? This is a witch hunt. In fact, for a guy over 60 and still looking like that, I am trying to figure out how the general public still sees that as a negative. This is no different than what they did to Timberland and 50 Cent. They released private medical info based on the bust of a doctor who had treated them.

The problem is a system that is this gung ho to treat steroids like heroine that they violate patient's privacy rights all in the name of "justice".


Kind of hard to get a prescription whithout it.


I used to watch it the show just waiting to see if Sr EVER would wear a shirt with sleeves. That was before I saw him say on an episode that he takes all of his shirts to get the sleeves cut off. The dude is a freak.


The truth is, he is about the size of a serious powerlifter at that age. I respected that. Apparently, this is now cause for search and seizure. I am losing more and more respect for the media and the general public's acceptance of moronic stances on drugs in this country every single day.


Ops, didn't read the entire article, just a skipped to a few parts a missed the essential info.

The general idea of how "old" people should look like is that of an invalid or fragile person. When someone shows up looking good in their 60's, that person is bound to have haters. A while ago I researched about Paul Sr. on google and I was amazed with the amount of hate I found on random forums, and there was a fair amount of hate towards his physique.

While the general public wants to burn people like him on a fire, I call him a hero. I can't help but think the general population thinks everything ass backwards.


Now I wonder how much time it will take for the youtube warriors to start flooding those videos of Paul Sr. losing his temper with "Roid rage" crap.


Hahah that's the first thing that went through my head.

"Look how big and strong this guy looks at 60. Clearly we should ban this substance," say all the 60 year old congressmen... who look like shit and are weak as fuck.


It is a crazy world that being strong and fit is bad.


I never realized he never wears a shirt with sleeves. lol


Yep. He flew off the handle almost every episode. They'll blame roid rage for sure.

They'd blame roids for Sampson pulling down the temple if they could.