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Occassional Muscle Softness


Have you ever had your muscles suddenly lose tone and go soft during your training, lasting a few days or a week? Is this a sign of overtraining? Have only lost a bit of strength.

I know you dislike injury questions but doctors have been unable to come up with an answer so I figured I would throw it out to you and the forum. Thanks and sorry if this is the wrong place for this.


Happens to me when I miss sleep. Sometimes preworkouts do that to me oddly enough (great pump hardness during, then really soft and deflated after). Low carb diets maybe too.

The hardest/best tone I get is usually 2 hours after waking up and two cups of coffee. Also when I have best workouts...


Huh. I go through bouts of pretty awful insomnia, so that might explain some of it. Its a very strange feeling and something that has happened off and on for years, mostly in my shoulders.


Do you take time off from training when this happens to you?


Coincidentally same with me for some reason. I always wondered why. I have a huge glass of water followed by 2cups worth of coffee,(evacuate lol) then shower and get ready for work. And I always seem tight and slightly pumped at that time.


Still having this problem. Without getting too much into injuries and treatments, how would you suggest curtailing training in case its an overtaining issue? I was thinking that I would just do fun isolation/bodybuilding work for a couple weeks. Thanks!


Any more detail on the soft muscle? can it still be fully flexed, is it weaker, specific muscle, lots of different muscles, etc?

If it turns to mush and can't really be flexed any more that could be a nerve problem. Everything from pinched nerves that don't have a good path through the muscle to nerve neuropathy and vitamin b6 poisoning.


Still mostly in the shoulders. Still can flex it but not as hard and if I get a pump in it, itll lose firmness fairly quickly afterwards. I got some kind of test for nerve damage a while back which came back negative, at that time.

I know its bizarre.