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Occasionally Missing Injections

Hi, I’ve been on TRT for two years and take 50mg twice per week, this puts me at the very top of the range for Total at and free T.

Due to issues etc I sometimes forget a jab and some weeks I only have one, I don’t feel any worse and everything still works down below as it should but I’m wondering if the sometimes unstable levels could cause any health issues?

Obviously I am trying to stick to twice per week on time every time but life gets in the way as does ADHD sometimes so I end up missing it.

Thanks for reading

It happens. No issues that I can think of unless you miss several close together. I had some personal stuff come up earlier this year and missed a couple of weeks straight. Didn’t notice much until the end of that run, just started getting tired easily mainly.

Set a recurring alarm on your phone, problem solved.

I already have, but if I’m in the middle of something when it goes off I turn it off and then forget that it went off in the first place.

Maybe I’ll set two

Thanks, yeah this sounds similar to me, glad your back on track and I’m glad there were no other effects.

If your are one of the unlucky ones that are extremely sensitive to fluctuations, you may notice the missed injection within a few days. If you miss more than one, you may feel “off” for the duration of a stabilization period (6-8 weeks).

If you’re not, you likely won’t notice a whole lot unless you miss a couple weeks of injections.