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Occasional Shoulder Weakness


I sometimes have a bizarre and irritating shoulder problem. Every once in a while I have a workout where it just doesnâ??t seem to be able to generate any force. I can be on a very good lifting trend and it happens for no apparent reason. Iâ??ll experience some discomfort in the
middle of my right delt, near the point of the humerus, during a rep and then Iâ??ll be lucky to finish the rep. For instance last week I was doing db inclines with a weight that I was able to handle for 8 reps no problem. This week I started with the same weight, felt a twinge and got 1 rep.

Has anyone ever experienced something like this or have any ideas on what this could be?



Yeah!! really it's very irritating. My shoulder is paining since last one week, i newly joint in gym i did workout over time i got this problem my master suggested me to do warmup daily before going to lift weights so I'm following that now feeling better. Do warmups for few days and down your work out time