Occasional Midnight Munchies

It doesn’t happen super often, but often enough where I thought I’d ask. If I have a lighter meal at night, I sometimes find myself awake with the fridge open. Would diving into a tub (usually total of 1/2 - 1 Cup) of cottage cheese be a horrible thing for this scenario? I guess my body is telling me it wants food, but I’m unsure whether I should just try to squash it or feed it.



What are your goals? The answer to that will answer to your question but generally speaking a cup of cottage cheese seems pretty much insignificant in grand scheme of things IMO.

Of all the things your could pull out of your fridge at midnight, that’s a pretty good choice. That being said like outlaws mentioned it would be very goal dependent. If you’re not looking to cut weight then sure go for gold. If you’re trying to lose weight though I think fighting that urge would be much more beneficial and would go a long way in helping curb other urges during a weight loss phase. If you can say no to the fridge at midnight then you’re probably more likely to say no to another temptation and vice versa.

Thanks for the response, guys. I guess I had a feeling that was the case, but wanted to be sure.


cottage cheese wont hurt, I find eating a meal at night helps quite a bit. every night I eat a cup of peanut butter, milk and cheese. haven’t noticed any weight difference besides feeling hungry when I don’t eat at night