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Occasional Ankle Soreness

First off, my ankles pop with every step. This doesn’t hurt, but I’ve been told be others it is loud and sounds painful, don’t know if it could be another sign. But my question is my ankle will occasionally get so sore that I walk with a limp, and I have no idea what causes the soreness. It feels like my ankle isn’t in the right position or something and it is kinda in the ankle and outside of my foot. This description sucks so if any specific questions can help, ask away, I just want it to not flair up so much.

I have the same issue, I’ve had it for at least the past few years, never seems to get better nor worse. I get sore only dependent upon footwear. If I run in minimalist style shoes it flairs up until they acclimate, or if I wear boots at work with no arch support of any kind it seems to make it worse.

Tennis shoes are the worst for me. I usually just wear the cheap slip on shoes from walmart and they don’t bother me. Have to wear steel toes for work, again, doesn’t bother me.