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Obtaining legitimate gear w/o a connection

After doing much research I’ve decided I would like to give deca or primobolan depot a try. However, I have absolutely no connections! I have the $$ and plenty of knowledge about safety and cycling, so my biggest concern is getting non-counterfeit gear. I’m not sure if you can provide direct sources over this board, but advice would be greatly appreciated.

No, readers cannot list sources on this board. This is mainly to keep us from being spammed to death. I’d also hate to see T-mag readers get ripped off. ---- But, you can go read my two “Getting the Gear” articles at T-mag. Check the previous issues section. The info is pretty basic, but sums everything up for a newbie buyer.

OK…here are my sources…C’mon dude! Listen. Go to one of the hardcore BB sites and watch the boards for a few weeks. You will see plenty of people selling “gear”. There are some scammers, but the bigger and better boards police these guys pretty well. In other words, legitimate sources are “applauded” in the threads. Trust me…there are good sources you can find over the net. You need to realize that if you do business with a bad one, you will lose your money.