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Obtaining HCG

What pharmacy carries this stuff? I can’t get my script filled anywhere.

If this is real, have the pharmacy order it for you.

[quote]brentf13 wrote:
What pharmacy carries this stuff? I can’t get my script filled anywhere.[/quote]

I use USA Drug/Super D that has locations in Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin.

The first time I asked them to fill it, it took 12 days. I told them I was going to be on it continuously and they put an automatic reorder in so they now stay 30 days ahead of my needs. I imagine most major pharmacies could do the same for you.

I was FINALLY able to fill it today. I found a pharmacy that had it (a nice pharmacist at the local hospital pointed me in the right direction) but I still had to beg for it. They normally only give it to women trying to get pregnant. WTF, I have a prescription and they have the med but won’t give it to me unless I argue with them??? Is that even legal? I can’t believe how hard this stuff is to get.

Just wait until this stupid HCG diet REALLY starts to pick up steam.

I have known about the HCG diet for more than two years. I think Caged meant wait until it picks up steam “again”. If you don’t already know the HCG diet, it is 500 calories a day and 125 iu’s of HCG daily for 23 days.
If people actually thought about it, 500 calories a day has more to do with weight loss than the HCG…