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Obstacle course

Any tips, programs, weight training advice agility drills ect. for someone getting ready for an obstacle course event? I.e. The Galaxy

As a former soldier (yeah, I wore a hat that only kept one ear warm), my best recommendation is to locate a course with similiar obstacles and practice, practice, practice. There are some ways to do some obstacles that make them easier and there are many ex-military who would be glad to show you how.
Best of luck to you.

Thanx for the tip! My wife decided to go for it this month and the show’s in August! We’re training together as best we can. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. This is my first entry on this site since finding it a couple years ago. Thanx again.

Just touching base. Hope you found a local course and some help.
If you check the following trail you can see what is available online from US Army Field Manuals www.dmi.usma.edu/>electronic military books>field manuals>FM 21-20.
In FM 21-20 you will find information on various courses.
Hope this helps.