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Obsessive Steroid Use in High School


I'm 17, turning 18 in june, and still in high school. I've trained for 2-3 years, and ive packed on a lot of size and strength. And ive never considered steroids.

But, there are tons of people using roids in the high school. Even 16 year olds that have been lifting less than a few monthes are taking them. You can imagine how frustrating it is seeing people close in on me when they've been training for 1/5 of the time. My dilemma is... many have taken many cycles with no protection and NO PCT whatsoever.

Yet they still keep their gains and are still in good health. Seeing this happen is VERY depressing when I know my spot in sports may be challenged just because im natural. I'd say that at least 75% of the serious athletes are now taking them... there are also non-athletes taking them just to get big. Its... just so horrible to see. Could there be a reason how they can take many cycles at age 16-17 with no protection, yet still keep their gains and be fine?

I've almost quit lifting because of this..... i get in a rage when i think about it.


I'm not entirely buying this. First off I'm glad to see you haven't decided to join the others. Yes it can be frustrating but you'll get your's in 10 years or so. You'll know how to train, eat and grow WITHOUT AAS while NONE of them will. They'll either be forced to stay on, struggle with pct and most likely go into deppression, burn out and from my experiance with guys like that probably go on to be self indulgent lazy good for nothing peice of shit who have shitty bodies and drug and/or alcohol habbits. OR maybe they'll be fine?

As for your comment of side affects? Well just because guys arent' pissing blood, going bald, punching out their girlfriends and kicking their dogs, doesnt' mean that they arent' fucking up their bodies in some pretty serious ways. I can assure you they are. In all honestly it's not as serious as what it's made out to be. But that's assuming a few things are taken into account. ONE would be that the user is a mature adult. Beyond that knowing what doses are safe and what's pushing it and how long certain things are to be used, and then of course how to come off. You know all that shit though, because you're a smart kid. That 75% you speak about are really fucking stupid, btw that sounds like an AWFUL LOT of guys and IMO it would almost have to be an overexaggeration. But whatever,that's not the point.

Point is that at that age, starting AAS use is a horrible mistake. Aside from shortchanging yourself in learning how to grow without them and making yourself completely dependent on them, you'd be stunting your growth, starting the wheels in motion for all the various things AAS can induce ie. high cholesterol, high blood pressure, male pattern baldness, and if you're using orals then theres the whole liver enzyme issue and who the hell wants to be worrying about their liver when they should be drinking partying and banging drunken teenage girls who want to experiment??????? Bro you shouldn't even REMOTELY be concerned with what these other retards are doing.

I'm going to ask you to do something and hopefully you'll follow through. PM me or even post it under the correct forum, your training protocol, your diet, and what supplements you have/are using. You sound like a smart guy and I have a feeling everything is on point but it never hurts to check shit out. BTW, the likely reason that these kids aren't losing much size without pct is probably because they where so undeveloped in the first place that they didn't make any kind of gains that a few extra months of so of solid training, rest, and eating wouldn't have given them. Makes sense right?


i always laughed at guys who took roids in high school. people would brag "yeah man he's juicin he's up to 245 on his max" like 245 is a big number.


Read this thread, P22 made good mention to the side effects....


Learn how to train first.


Think about it like smoking. Young smokers don't die of lung cancer but old smokers do.

It will catch up with them. Don't make their mistake.

Just keep telling yourself this.

It is hard to look at life 20 years down the road when you are 17.


I just don't buy that there's a whole raft of guys using steroids in high school. Where did they get them, online? I think it's more likely they're taking something else and it's being mistaken for steroids. I know people were all suspicious about creatine, protein and PWO shakes when I was in high school and ignorance is clearly rampant about steroids and supps at large.


I understand perfectly what you mean. I'm at your age and I've seen many guys starting in the gym with no expirience and on the first month they buy steroids.
I even thought about it, they had great gains and no side effects, why shouldn't I start?
I even talked to one guy I knew and he bought them for me! But when I had it all I finally realized, what the fuck am I thinking? I don't need extra hormones, I'm just a teenager, I'm still growing and will all those hormones do to me?
So, I called the guy and he was fine with it and took the steroids back.

But I'm not saying that i'm not going to try steroids, just not until after couple of years when it's difficult to gain muscle.

Sorry for my english, I'm from another country and I've never been to USA or Britain.


Methyl Masterdrol, Superdorl, Trenobol and others are available at stores and online. It is very easy to obtain.

I can't say if they were available in my time that I would not have thought of doing it and probably would have since I was once stupid and thought I was invinceable and everyone else was stupid to me at that age.

This is the problem. It is WIDELY available, and many kids have money for a 39 dollar bottle of Masterdrol and no brains to know any better or to listen to advice they don't want to hear.


I think the biggest thing is that you have to stop comparing yourself to others. The big questions are, are you making progress? and are you happy with the amount of progress you are making? If others use steroids, well, that's their decision. 16 year olds definitely arent mature adults, but they are making THEIR decisions and THEY are the ones who will have to live with it - not you. Also, do yourself a favor and dont get into a "rage" about it. You'll quickly find yourself lumped in as one of those meathead weightlifters who pfobably takes steroids and cant control himself because of it.

I also think the 75% is an exxageration.


Wideguy makes some good observations that I will confirm. Dianabol was extremely popular when I was about 16-18yrs. old.(15 years ago). A lot of guys started taking that, then later stacking it wih a bunch of the cutting drug. I can't remember what it was, but the effect was dramatic. They annhialated their thyroids and have to take synthroid now and for the rest of their lives, and are fat peices of shit- 350-400lbs.

stay clean.


When I went to high school, there was tons of guys on steroids. None of them knew how to use them, but they did shitloads of it. I didn't realize how little they really knew until I started coming on here.

But yea, the use is rampant in high schools in New Jersey.

Where do you get them? Fuck me, go to Paterson and you can get anything.


I thought about them...I never had the balls to really do them and i honestly dont know where to get them...they arent all that common at my school although there are some who juice. To be honest...it obv isnt healthy to juice at age 17 or 18 or 16 or whatever. But am i making that crazy of a statement to say that one cycle done properly at that age isnt going to really hurt someone that age. I dont know how much truth there is to the guys at the gym in there late 20's who claimed to do a cycle or 2 during highschool or college...they seem completely fine. I still dont recommend it because the risks definately are there..they just maybe lucky.


You're making the right choice.

I second a lot of what Wideguy said. Stay clean until you're at least 22-24 and all done growing. Then, unless you're a pro BBer, stay clean another 8-10 years.

If you really know what you are doing with training, recovery, and nutrition, there's no need for drugs at such a young age.


My cousin (skinny_pete) is in high school, I recently got him onto the forum and he's already addicted.

Anyway, his one friend had been taking roids, d-bol and primo I think it was and he was making good gains. He was considering and told him about side effects and not to bother, luckily he listened.

Now after his friend did his cycle, he's a;eady lost most of his gains and his lifts have dropped. Not to mention side effects like painfull joints already showing up since he knows nothing about PCT, or roids for that matter.

Keep well away from them until you've been training for a long time and you're experienecd enough.


This is priceless.

Kid, you're about to make the best gains of your short life. You've stepped into a forum that's full of training and nutrition advice, and started out on a good foot. Keep your ears open, pay attention to what you're told, weigh it all carefully and incorporate what information you can into your life. You may not -feel- like you're making dramatic gains, but you'll lay a damned solid foundation for the natural bulk you'll develop as your body matures.

I wish to God I'd found a place like this when I was your age. Best of luck to you.

...As an aside, that 75% number? Maybe he was exaggerating. Maybe not. Depends on the circles you travel in. Either way, he's obviously pissed A little hyperbole neve killed anyone. :wink: Let the guy rant.


this one country is were they get it from it sounds like texico.


Stick with your training and diet. Sounds like you have a lot to be proud of. Your gains will keep coming without AAS, walk with the confidence of knowing there is no easy way to do things, and the path you're on will make you stronger in a lot of ways.


I have a freind who used dianabol when he was 16. Dianabol aromatizes into estrogen it stopped him from growing. He's in his thrty's now and hasn't used any roids in years.

Because he's only 5'4" the main adjective we use to describe him is little. Everyone jokes that he has a Napolean complex and he's trying to compensate for his lack of height.

Skinny you can do something about with enough time and effort. But there is nothing you can do about being short.

Those guys might get an edge on you in high school but in college the extra height that you will get for staying off will help you. It's just a matter of being patient.

Besides there are non steroidal supplements like Carbolin 19 or Methoxy-7 or creatine, that won't stop you from growing. Why not give them a try first.


Great post.


I highly doubt that number is exaggerated but like a previous poster mentioned ingorance plays a key factor in that number. I could have been a convicted rapist in highschool and coaches would have treated me better than when they found out I used Protein, Creatine and Oh my god Glutamine. I hear reports that even 10-12 year olds use roids and can't help but think they have a bite of Tri-o-plex protein bar and tell their friends they're "on the sauce". However things in highschool spread like wildfire. This includes gossip and advice. I could see almost every former football player at my HS downing 80 mg of D-bol simply cause "Dude this shit works". On a side note anybody know what age pro bodybuilders start at? I know guys like Shawn Ray who turned pro at 22 had to be using at 18 or 19. Any ideas? And wise choice. Don't demonize steroids just wait till you're older and more mature.