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Is anyone else just obsessed with this stuff(i.e. “Looking Good Nekkid”.) I have lifted off and on since high school but just got back into it seriously about 3 mos. ago. and as my coon dog runnin’ uncle would say “I’m just et up with it.” I get up thinking about supplements, eating and lifting and go to sleep thinking about it. (ok there are some “lets have sex thoughts” imbetween.) If I can’t lift for some reason (damn making a living thing) I get totally pissed and have an awful day. Should i be worried?

With anything, you always have you ask yourself “Does this hurt the rest of my life?”

If it does, then you could have a problem.

Just make sure you don’t get burned out.

My sister’s a pretty big girl…she gets all jacked up about dieting a few times every year…it leaves as quickly as it came…she’ll be a big girl forever.

Everything in moderation,

except training, GO HARD!


No, you shouldn’t be concerned. After three months you should be pumped and hungry for iron and info. Pursue both, don’t worry too much about the supps though.

OBSESSION is the word lazy people use to describe the DEDICATED

I’ve always liked that thought.

Good call Beowulf…

In past years I’ve found myself seriously considering NOT taking trips (and other stuff) with friends/family because it would (at least theoretically) interfere with my workouts. I’ve since put bodybuilding into better perspective. DO NOT let it interfere with your enjoyment of life—it should only enhance it. Consistency is the key. As long as your are working out/eating right MOST of the time your’re on the right track. If you let this stuff deprive you of enjoying life’s opportunities you’ll eventually regret it. Everything in moderation my friend.

I like that saying Beowolf!! But lets not forget that worrying about ALL the minutia such as getting EXACT macronutient percentages or eating every two hours on the dot can have its toll. Shoot…sometimes I feel as if I am stressing myself out more by worrying about all that stuff all the time. If it interferes with other aspects of your life, than there is def something wrong. However, on the other hand…I do get tired of people constantly questioning me as to why I eat so often or why I plan out my workouts. We make sacrifices to live the way we do and we should all take pride in that!

Damn straight!

Red, I was the same way. Use that enthusiasm as long as you can. Since then I’ve slowed into a steady comfortable rhythm. It’s still at least 4 days a week, and eating strictly clean with supplements 5 day’s a week. But I did take a vacation this year and let me tell you it was very relaxing, and I didn’t turn into a fat blob, like I use to think if I stopped training and eating right. Consistency is the key, to looking good nekid.

Tony G,
Yeah you can easily start thinking waaay to much about all this stuff. I liked it when Goldberg used to tell people to stop thinking and start lifting.

BTW, where is Goldberg anyway? I haven’t noticed him posting lately?

When I was younger, around 18 - 21(I’m almost 26 now), I went through a phase where the training was everything and maybe even more then everything. My whole
life rotated around the training. It was more important then friends, family, girlfriends, school, and work. I had even covered every wall surface of my bed room with mirrors so I could watch myself no matter where I was standing. I admit that
I looked pretty good but after all my chicks would leave me and no one wanted to talk with me anymore, (cuz all I wanted to talk about was me) I decided I had a problem. Took a while to get it all fixed up. Hell, I wouldn’t even want to go to the store if I hadn’t worked out first. I couldn’t go to school unless I had trained earlier in the morning. Ofcource these are the extreme cases… some days I was fine.