Observations After 6-Week PCT

Ok, i recently finished my PCT of 6 weeks nolva/clomid. A few observations for y’all :

  1. Emotionally, it wasn’t as brutal as i thought it would be. A few mood swings here and there, slight teary eyed on some movies that i know don’t normally do that to me, but outside of that it was ok.

  2. However, my MIND was fucked. My memory was fucked. Seriously, plan the PCT Time around a specific time of year where you won’t need to learn, or memorize anything new. I had to read a few reports and literally after i read them i could no longer remember what i read and i had to read them 3 times over. This was really bad. Foggy mind is totally real on PCT.

  3. Workouts, my workouts did drop a bit but not as much as i thought they would have. Strength has gone down but nothing too crazy.

  4. Libido and wood, did suffer a bit but i think that’s because i was so juiced up during that i became a raging animal and now back to baseline feels ‘off’ . I hope it picks up a little more in the next few weeks but i’lll be honest i did not mind not being so horny all the time hahahaha.

Now on to the recovery without PCT- i’m in week 2, so i have about 2 more weeks until this stuff should be completely out of my system. I’m wondering what i’ll feel like then. I have noticed my joints, especially my ankles cracking a bit more than usual. What’s that about?

Blood work will come at the end of the month. Hopefully i’m back to normal, i feel fine so far.

Appreciate the anecdote, but it’s kind of individual. It would also be helpful to know what you ran during cycle and pct as a point of reference.

16 week Test E at 500mg/weekly.

Did you notice any improvement from 12-16 weeks? Like were you still gaining substantial size after week 12?

personally I made gains after week 12 up until 14 so much so that I didn’t want to reduce to cruise dose. I felt awesome and was strong. was on the same blast dose as the op.

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I don’t get much until week 5 on test and unfortunately plateau at about 10. We all respond differently. What did you run for PCT… OP?


i didn’t initially plan on running 16 weeks. i was going to do 12 weeks, but i didn’t start to feel truly amazing until week 6-8, and then real gains came at around week 8-10 and i figured “why the fuck would i stop now?”

I didn’t see massive gains weeks 12-16 on muscles that i already gained on. What i did see were lagging muscles getting more quality growth in that time frame.

So now i’ve done cycles at 10,12, and 16 weeks. And out of those i’d say 16 weeks was the best for me.


nolva 40/40/20/20/20/20
clomid 25/25/25/25/25/25

Next time i’ll drop the clomid and do some HCG in the beginning instead. i experienced serious foggy brain.


my joints are cracking way more than usual. any idea what that could be? is my estrogen plummeting? i’m going to wait about another 2 weeks before doing bloods

Only way to know is labs. If T is low then aromatization to E2 would also be low. Some people mistakenly run an AI during PCT but you didn’t do that… right?

no i did not do that but i was running AI towards the end of the 16 weeks.