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Observation about Program Names


Ever notice that people will say they are running, or about to run, or have questions about running: God is a Beast, Krypteia, Coffinworm, 1000% Awesome, Leviathan, Black Army Jacket, Spinal Tap, Pervertor, etc…

But not: Full Body Template #8, Prep and Fat Loss, Volume and Strength, Combination Template, or other programs with mundane names.

Maybe nobody else finds this interesting, but it was something I was thinking about as I was flipping through the Forever book. I guess it’s human nature. If you’re at a gym, it sounds cooler to say “Me? I’m currently running Spinal Tap, bro. What are you up to?”
Compared to “Well, it’s a program called Full Body 15. It’s a, uh, full body program. Pass me that barbell, will ya?”


I’ve been running SVR II for a few months now. I don’t find the name particularly interesting, but it’s a great program.


Who do you know that has conversations like this? lol


I dont see the problem. At least not in the private forum. I don’t have much real life discussions about programs either.


It’s no problem. I didn’t mean it as anything serious, just a lighthearted observation that for workout programs, like everything else in life, the name probably affects its popularity.


Yeah. My personal experiences do not support this though, but its probably true in the larger scale.