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Obscure Weapons We Own


i know thier is an threat old thread about exotic weapons people train with but i was just wondering if any on else had any really obscure weapons.

i got quite a few from my grand father he had them all in his storage locker and still has a few more

in the picture im um.... well you can see my footmans flail with the handle of a horsemans flail its pretty darn heavy and most definitely durable does a number on melons and old video game consoles aswell

i also have a scotch warhammer which is basically an iron tomahawk with a spike on one side and a ball hammer on the other.

i have the scotch ball and chain as seen on deadliest warrior william wallace episode (this pleased me) i throw it around in the park some times when i do plyo

on top of that i have a 15 century ray skin handled gold hilted ceremonial short sword from ireland thats been around the family forever a halberd and a battle axe. my grand father is moving to another province in a few months so i cant wait to see what else we uncover during the move


I'm going weapon shopping some day soon. Right now all I have is a sabre and a long bow.


cool like a cavalry saber? how heavy is the draw on the bow?


after the success of fps russia im gonna start my own take which will essentially be fps mace. each week im going to hit a new object with the mace or one of my other weapons (still most likely mace ,im thinking melons flaming cabbages computer moniters etc) and post it on youtube il put the links in this thread if any one is interested my goal is to get enough people watching that they can vote on what i mace the fallowing week

a friend talked me into this


I actually have a friend who was attacked by a guy with a mace. It was a driving incident where the guy was tailgating him and when he pulled into the gas station the guy got out with one. My friend didn't even know what it was but the other guy was all business so he didn't have much time to think about it.

He got lucky and blocked it with his arm and it wrapped around it without hitting him in his body. He had a few puncture wounds and the camera at the gas station identified the guy, and he is now wearing his underware backwards sleeping on the bottom bunk. A head shot would have likely killed him. That's a nasty little weapon.

I have a pair of studded nun chuks from when I was a kid (also a pair I made, and some mini's). I also have a lot of different throwing stars and a Shillelagh. None of these probably count, though as they are not that obscure.

My old stand by is a hickory axe handle I carry in the trunk of my car. I'm not a gun guy, and would only pull it out in a situation like I described above. I can't see wippin' out the chuks and going Bruce Lee on someone.


Ballpoint pen. Legal to carry anywhere in the world. Great for puncturing the brachialis artery under the armpit where it's close to the surface or the carotid artery in the neck. Also good for eye gauging.


lol now hes takin hits from the old flesh mace and every one should have a shillelagh how are the stars to throw a bit easier than knives?


not really obscure or interesting its true its as suitable as any other pointy object for gouging and can be taken any where. would never see myself using one..... ever. it would seem in unskilled hands it would give little benefit, people tend not to present the underside of the arm or their jugular willingly. and id have to wonder if its worth giving up an open hand that can be used for grasping and throwing as well as striking. seems more a weapon of necessity and opportunity than a fallback reminds me of the scene in borne identity.

still id trade it for a roll of quarters in a heartbeat. the pen changes the legal ramifications of a violent conflict a roll of quarters turns into a pocket full of change in an instant

not really a response i was hoping for


Tongue in cheek. I don't carry a ball point pen or any other weapon. I think it could be very effective though. Another innocuous weapon is a heavy walking stick like an Irish Shalaylee. I have one of those but I don't have a limp nor a need to carry it. It's a formidable weapon though. Obscure and formidable.


ah...why the pink boa in the picture? You trying to tell us somethin?


[quote]apwsearch wrote:
He got lucky and blocked it with his arm and it wrapped around it without hitting him in his body.[quote]

This illustrates one of the reasons I hate flexible weapons with a passion. Two others being lack of follow up shots and difficulty with defense. Yes I know that the best route is to simply try to control an agle and then intercept the attack as it crosses that plane. I have done this. If we count training I have done it hundreds of times.

After every success I was forced to concede that it only works if you are much better than the person attacking. Rigid weapons that add range, long knives, swords, sticks, clubs, etc. do not. I look at weapons as a way to solve a problem that you could not otherwise have solved, actually I view technique the same, not a way to beat people up that you could already beat up in a more spectacular fashion.

[quote]My old stand by is a hickory axe handle I carry in the trunk of my car. I'm not a gun guy, and would only pull it out in a situation like I described above. I can't see wippin' out the chuks and going Bruce Lee on someone.[quote]

Police around here might give you shit about that. They almost certainly would in upstate NY. On the other hand, an Iris Blackthorne or other walking stick is just in the car 'cause sometimes your knee/hip/back/give a fuck/ acts up. Other candidates include a tool bag/box with a large crescent wrench on top, a pipe on top of some pipe tools, or simply an axe head to go with the handle. Also a serrated folding knife somewhere you can get to while driving is great. You know, to cut seat belts or bust out a side window if you put your car into the water. Safety first.


Robert A


aha this was taken last year my room mate at the time was really into WoW something which i have no use for, and some people in his clan got into LARPing and posted themselves in their costumes on their clan forum so i put on my battle boa and we took this pic to make fun of them

Robert, i to share your hatred for the lack of multiple attack capabilities for flexible weapons, my mace is no exception it also has to be the slowest weapon ive ever used but due to its deceptive weight i feel its virtually unblockable it weighs about 15 lbs in total so it would take a strong 2 handed object to block. however i think it would be more effective against a knight in plate or some one with a shield than a nimble man with somthing light and long.

it did a good job of scaring a crackhead away who was banging on my door at 4 in the morning at my first apartment. answered mace in hand garbed in tiger stiped underwear and comely asked him what his business was and he took one look at the mace and ran off


Block at the chain/handle. Same thing you would do against nunchaku, just with more of a penalty if you fuck up. The real issue is that if the mace misses any shot in on the chain fucks it all up. My personality just doesn't meld well with the one big shot style that flails seem to need. The war hammer or the dirk on the other hand...


Yeah, that mace would have severly injured him if it would have struck unstopped but he got lucky and blocked it in the right place. He actually broke the guys jaw with a right (left handed strike with the mace and counter). The guy must have been a damn nut to get out of his car with that with mal intent and once it was stopped he obviously didn't have much else, so it was nice to see him get set on his ass and sent to the pokey.

IRT the axe handle, I just figure I would tell a cop that I got it at my dad's place and intended on putting a head on it when I got home.

Simple enough. It's not like I have dressed it up with grip tape or anything like that. It's just a plain length of hickory.

I used to carry around a valve stem and plug in my car(if you have ever seen an industrial valve you would know what I am talking about) but it is in the trunk of my wife's car and I have left it there for her and just so I have something in the case we are riding in it as a family and someone gets frisky. Don't know what the explanation of that would be other than that it is a valve component and the plug needs to be machined before resale.


im going to nerd out here and point out that your weapon is actually a 'Flail', maces have solid handles. I own a falchion, hand-and-a-half (bastard) sword, warhammer and a couple of axes for reenactment




what else do you need :slightly_smiling:


Does a 12ga with dragons breathe flame thrower rounds count?
I also keep an expandable baton next to the drivers seat.




It isn't exactly obscure, but I have an honest to goodness japanese sword. Made of folded steel with real furniture including leather ito wrap and rayskin handle covering. This thing is designed for heavy cutting work and does that work well. The only thing making it somewhat obscure is that most people who own "katana" here in the US have cheap reproduction wallhangers that are for decoration only. Those usually are a death sentence for anyone stupid enough to swing them.