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Obscure Training Routines


I was wondering if people could post some obscure training routines that they do. Something to confuse them muscles. Please include functional performance exercises


Key words:
* obscure training routines
* Something to confuse them muscles
* Functional performance exercises

Conclusion: troll.



But, how about Left/Right training?
MON: left leg, right arm
TUES: left chest, right glute
WED: off
THURS: right leg, left arm
FRI: right chest,left glute
SAT: cardio, left leg stair-master
SUN: cardio, right leg stair-master


tube steak boogie


Are you serious?

If so, why so serious?

You wanna know how I got these scars?

You see, my father.................


Kettle bells.
Every now and then I just with kettle bells for one work out or for a month or two, just depends how I feel, always a nice change.


Obscure workouts? Bradley Cooper underwent an impressive physical transformation for his role as 'Face' in the upcoming A-Team movie - he now looks even less like Dirk Benedict.

Pre-workout you should megadose fish oil with a good, reliable laxative. Your posterior chain won't know what hit it.


Try jerking off with your other hand.


I know all kinds of 'weird/eccentric/obscure' shit.

My Uncle/Mentor was doing some odd shit for years, here and there as I looked through his training logs dating back to the 1930's.

You would really like that shit, but you won't know how to use it dude.

I refuse to spill it all on these boards, 'cause what is 'normal' and what the big guys talk about here will get it done.

My Uncles adventures/experiments in Weight Training will only serve as a distraction.

You and others like you are not ready to absorb anything useful to BB'ing from it.


LOL! I actually wasn't intending for this to be a jack off convo. I was looking for new (beneficial) exercises for my next months training! Haha. Whatever


And if you guys weren't aware by what I meant by functional performance, I meant exercises that would help for sports, not just pure muscle building


I don't know what a 'jack-off-convo' is but I think you are insulting me?

I mean what EXACTLY are you training for, why are you already set on this training lasting only the summer season roughly.

I mean, what are you trying to 'perform' at?

There is not a catch-all programme, and or movements, for ultimate Ninja-Dolemite-Bruce Leedom-Hawt-Abz-By-Summer thing.

I need specifics to help you.

Vapid generalities like 'I need to know good shits to do in the gym, to be awesome in 16 weeks' fails to provide me with anywhere to begin to help you realistically.


Walking curls supersetted with bosu ball db deadlift


Anybody making requests for 'functional' exercises for sports which have to 'confuse muscles but may or may not build them' on a bodybuilding forum is just trying to use the collective pet peeves of the regular members as a pointless source of amusement. I'm not even going to consider the possibly that the OP is genuinely misinformed: yes, he could be an oaf, but then he (?) shot himself in the foot in his first and subsequent posts by putting far too much emphasis on the redundant terms 'functional' and 'muscle confusion' . That's like going fishing, throwing the rod away, jumping into the water and force-feeding bait to the fish.

Some trolls are like fine artists; others are like chimps randomly pressing buttons to get a response.


Try this :



Powerslides, Cock Pushups & Spinach!


With deadlifts, you want to pull quickly with a twisting, jerking motion.


Oh yeah those are good! Orr...load the bar up with like 4 45's on one side only and then squat. Really gets those unused fibers firing


also with a rounded back, so the muscles are worked functionally but wont bulk up.


That site is great..there's a great 8 part article from last month by Brad Steiner called "Powerlifting" that is tailored to the guy that's also looking to get big.