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Obscure Film Footage Surfaces...


...Spoken about in film forums and discussed for decades
in the film geek universe all over the world,
Footage has recently surfaced on the rare Jerry Lewis film,
"The Day The Clown Cried", whose plot premise was original,
and could have been very powerful or just downright AWFUL.

Unfortunately, it was the latter, nevertheless it' human nature
to watch what you are forbidden to watch, as Jerry Lewis has
total control of this film, and vowed NO ONE would see it as long
as he walks the earth...even Legends like Jerry can drop the Ball,
big time.

I suspect the only person who would appreciate this news would be
'Big Kahuna', and maybe one or two more others...this is for you,
the rest of you can go jump in the lake...:wink:



I really, awfully badly want to see this whole thing in full. It's like the anti-"Life Is Beautiful", and I need the other part of the puzzle. I need it in my life.

Part of it makes me feel better because the eventual cracks in the armour give me hope, but then I'm reminded at how long it's stayed under wraps and how long it might stay there. Such an incredible way to resurface, I'm glad this has appeared. I hope that the whole thing is released, I hope Jerry Lewis finally gives in to the pressure and lets it out of it's cage, I hope after so long we finally get what we need, but I can only hope.

But I'd be just as happy the other way, if it does stay hidden, if nobody ever finds out what happened to it, if it just remains some kind of cinematic holy grail that sticks to the pedestal it's on and rides it out for a hell of a long time.


The Irony is fascinating, I wanna see it just as bad even though it may well be the
worst movie ever made, but hey ''Plan 9 From Outer Space'' is a cult classic...I think
Jerry missed out on profits from Weekend Midnight Screenings for decades, with half
drunk fans in line dressed up like Clowns, wearing ''Zyklon B Sucks'' T-Shirts and shit.


If you're going to kiss your own backside online at least change your writing style.


He who allows to be annoyed, controls you...Roy baby.


No denial. Typical cryptic response.


I thought it was pretty fuckin' blatant...ok...sniff...sniff...ok you caught me..., I'm
so ashamed roybot,...so ashamed... will you ever forgive me sweetheart?


I'll forgive you when you stop using terms of endearment as a substitute for a witty retort...custardtits...