Obscure Characters from Great Movies...

What are some random-ass characters from popular films that you feel don’t get the recognition they deserve?

One of my favourites is “Parsons, from New Zealand” from Enter the Dragon.

Many remarkable things about this guy. First off, he seems to be wearing a suit tailored out of denim. Second, he seems to have a marked dislike towards Chinese peasants - and a penchant towards kicking them. Third, his voice - “Do I bodda ya? Show me somma it!”. Fourth, how easily he was convinced that taking a small dinghy to a nearby island for a Martial Arts demonstration was somehow a good idea (how did he intend to get back to the main boat?)

ROCKY: Gazzo’s driver “Buddy” - Watch this clip, enough said…

You’re weird. Here’s one of my favorites.

^such a disturbing movie

Ned Ryerson.

What about Lit? One of the secondary antagonists in The Talisman (King), I felt, Never got enough recognition. Maybe he wasn’t such a bad guy, just misunderstood because he had no back story.