obnoxious fiance

How up in arms would womens groups be if the roles were reversed on this show?, if a good looking dude were the object of the show and the ringer was some pig?

Totally agree, but those types of women want their cake and eat it too. I hate them & unfortunately they can give all women a bad name sometimes.

First of all, the same type that would protest would need to look at the current situation.

This show is a clear demonstration of the power of money and what Golddiggers can (and will) do to get some dough.

Dont even bother to ask what would be the answer if the tables were turned. IT DOESNT MATTER. YOU`LL NEVER GET THE ANSWER YOU ARE SEEKING. DOUBLE STANDARDS ARE THE NORM. EQUALITY IS A FOLLY, A DREAM.

Male or Female, PEOPLE will do outrageous things to get mo’ money. Including going on an obnoxious T.V show.
Don’t watch that crap and maybe it will go away. I suspect he is getting paid also.

Good looking guys NEVER date ugly girls.Sometimes good looking girls date ugly guys because they either
a)have lots of money
b)have lots of money

I knew a good looking guy who dated an ugly girl in high school.

She had lots of money.

She had lots of fat too,