Are there any specific exercises or workouts that really build the obliques mass wise (perhaps a specific ab workout). Currently doing Waterbury’s total body training, but have a problem with hip bones that seem to stick out and detract from any sort of v-shape, giving more hourglass shape. Thank you so much any sort of help.

Have you tried windmills? They will develop the abs/obliques.

Have you tried side bends with heavy weights…they work well. Push press also is good.

ok If your looking to really work your Obliques you could Try windmills, other drills such as side deadlifts and hanging leg raises will work the hell out of your obliques.

Saxon Side Bends are in all honesty BRUTAL, if you dont know how to do these you start light, two light dumbbells press them over head (this is the easy part). lock your arms over head and slowly bend to ne side keeping your arms the same distance apart. once you have gone as far as you can, squeeze your glutes and flex your abs harder than you did going down. once you are back up repeat on the other side, that equals one (1) rep.

now if you are looking for a set/rep scheme, try the following:

it is called a power ladder and really helps you get in the grove of a particular drill. First off all you do one rep rest 30-60 seconds then do two reps. rest for a furthur 30-60 secs and do three reps. go bac kto one rep and continue in this fashion until your form starts to deteriarte call it a day and relax.

The above method works well with 85-100% 1RM. Just use caution.


Good suggestions all around. I would suggest weighted sit-ups on a swiss/stability ball. I’m not one of those ACE trainers that does everything off this, but these are effective! It’s because the obliques must contract to stabalize your lateral movement, even though you might not be in lateral flexion (side-bend). Sit-ups on the floor do not cause nearly the oblique work.

The best way I have found to do these without busting your ass, is to find a place to hook your feet in as an anchor… make sure it DOES NOT move… things get ugly if your feet can move at all! :wink: Then grab a 25-35-45 pound plate, contract the lower abs (transverse) to protect the lower back and hit your sit-ups. Since your legs will not be able to be on the ground for support, you will have to go easy to get used to the balance. Also, add a twist/russian twist with these and you will make the obliques scream for MERCY! Remeber not to do any ab/oblique routines in the 100’s of reps like the gym rats tend to do… train them as another body part with the same frequency and volume (ie. 4x10, twice a week). Have fun!



This is an article by Ian King. Maybe it will hwlp.

I’ll second the Saxon side bends or bent press as its sometimes called.


There is a major diffrence between saxon side bends and the bent press, the bent press is more about shoulder stability and a reflex of the lat (amongst other things), the side bends are more of a trunk stabalisation (notice i didnt refer to them as core). while the bent press can and most probabily will help you build a great mid-section they are two diffrent drills with a diffrent ROM.


thanks for all of the input, i really appreciate it. Unfortunately as i have leaned out over the years i have noticed my hip bones stick out further then my rib cage and only line up evenly (don’t stick out as further then) the upper part (near shoulders of my rib cage. so all i assumed i can do to fix this is build big lats, lower back and obliques.

I know I definatley need to gain more wieght, and i do have a very thin waist (trunk/core) but in addition to waturburys TBT, is there anything else i should do.

Thank you very much for any help.

Windmills made my obliques grow really fast. But, as has been said, anything that involves the hip flexors - like slow hanging leg raises, L-sits, frog sits, lever tucks, or dragon flags - also recruits the obliques a lot.

Simon -

Have you tried a power ladder for big lifts (deadlift, squat)? How did it work for you?

Seems like it would be a nice EDT/ CrossFit style strength workout - good for strength-end, but also for max strength.

Weighted cable crunches.

Ross Hunt.

To answer your question I have used power ladders on big lifts such as military presses and pullups as well as deadlifts. Power ladders are in my hoonest opinion great for both Max strength and strength endurance the one minute break can be reduced for more of a S-E session or kept the same for Max strength. Power ladder s also fit EDT nicley and allow you to use heavier weight than the 10RM (this is the case for me but may not be the case for others). I noticed a great increase in strength over the period of a months and It was actually power ladders that allowed me to do a weighted tactical pullups with 59.5kgs attatched to me at a body weight of 60kg’s.

Give them a try.


P.S. - how is your trainng looking?