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Obligatory "Need Help with My Results"-Thread


Hi guys!

I am a 29 years old male from Germany. Since about 2 years I have very low Libido and problems with getting proper erections, often tired, hair loss (but maybe it’s just inherited) and a few little things more. I train and run 5 times a week. Eat no sugar, no alcohol, no cigarretes, track my calories and weigh 82kg at a height of 185cm.
Lately I read a few articles on thyroid and realized, that this might be an issue as well (besides testosterone). Further I realized that I had a body temperature of 35,9-36,6 °C when I went to bed (about midight). And last one month ago I started supplementing iodine 200µg per day.
So I went to an andrologist and told him my story. Today I picked up my results. As expected, my values are “sublime”, but I am not too sure about that.
May someone be good enough to give it a short glimpse?

Take care!

Edit: Sry, failed on adding the results. Here they are.


My first glance ( and I’m no where near KSMan) but your TSH is pretty high and your Test and Free Test are pretty low.

Get those fixed and you will feel a world of difference.


Yes, I think that too. I read the tyroid sticky and therefore what bothers me is the following. Two month ago I had a small flu and my doctor checked my blood. While talking to him I looked at them and saw, that my TSH was quite high with 2,6. Sure, the TSH only is not enough to draw any conclusions, but I thought it would be appropriate anyway to start supplementing iodine. Now, after I have done that, as you can see my TSH got even worse and in addition my FSH is too low. I will try to get an appointment at my local endocrinologist, but to be honest, I am not too optimistic about any doctors appointments anymore.


I hear you brother. My faith in Drs has plummeted over the last 10 years. I’ll go for things like a cold or shit like that but I’ll dont trust anything they say on hormones.

If you can find someone to treat your thyroid, ask if you can get on Armour thyroid. It has both T3 and T4 and is made from dessicated pig thyroid glands (sounds horrible I know) but it is more closely related to human thyroid than the synthetic stuff.


You might look for an anti-aging doc. KSMan has posted stickies for finding a good TRT dr.


I called an endocrinologist today and got an appointment in 6 weeks :). But they told me to send my results in advance, so that they can decide whether it falls in an emergency category. I highly doubt that. I tried to read a lot about L-Thyroxin today, but had a hard time finding any positive reports. Anyway, I guess until that appointment I will stick to the iodine.

Thx once mre for your advice!


Total cholesterol is too low!
180 is ideal, <160 is associated with all cause mortality.
Sex hormones, DHEA, cortisol, Vit-D3 all made from cholesterol
Problem with diet and training levels.

Suspect elevated rT3, blocking fT3, lowering body temperatures and increasing TSH.

Training/running with low T and/or low thyroid function is a cause of stress, adrenalin overcoming fatigue, and that stress can lead to adrenal fatigue elevating rT3. See the thyroid basics for references to highlighted words.

200 µg iodine is not very good if you have become iodine deficient. Too little, also must take 150-200mcg selenium.

TSH should be closer to 1.0
fT3, fT3 are mid range or better - good
fT3 is more than enough to support good body temperatures

Low thyroid function:
Can be caused by low iodine intake
Outer eyebrows sparse?
General hair thinning? - not male pattern baldness

Were you not using iodized salt?
Note that selenium is vital to thyroid health, selenium is available in vitamin products.

LH/FSH are low
E2, estradiol should also be tested to see if reason
prolactin is OK

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Evaluate your overall thyroid function by checking oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky. Thyroid hormone fT3 is what gets the job done and it regulates mitochondrial activity, the source of ATP which is the universal currency of cellular energy. This is part of the body’s temperature control loop. This can get messed up if you are iodine deficient. In many countries, you need to be using iodized salt. Other countries add iodine to dairy or bread.


Does Thyroid affects T production???


I believe they are all inter-related…T, TSH, cholesterol, etc.

Dr seem to want to treat everything individually now instead of holistically.


fT3 affects metabolic rate in all tissues and organs. Everything can slow down.

Body temps?


That’s bullshit! TSH should be around 1 or less. Sounds like your Dr is incompetent


When taking higher amounts of iodine, TSH always goes up. That is normal and expected. It does not mean worse, you just did not know that. Many doctors might make the same mistake.