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Obligatory Hello & How's My Plan?


Greetings to all. I had a friend of mine recomend the site to me( I do not know his username). A little background I'm 28yr old Male, married with one 3yr old and one on the way. I an a computer engineer by day and a football coach by night. However I am getting fat and very disgusted with myself. I felt it was time to do something about it. That led me here.

I've been reading all the stickies and well been slightly overwhelmed. To start with I don't want to join a gym because of time/money commitments (Right now). I was lucky enough to get a cable/pulley type system from a budy for $20 (Parabody EX350) While its not free weights or total solution it is a start. I figure that coupled with cardio training should get me to lose lb's. I want to prove to myself and my family that I am dedicated to doing this before I invest more at joining a gym. Its important for medical reasons too for me ( I have been cleared by my doctor to workout). I'm just tired of being overweight and its a bad lifestyle and example for my kids and my football players.

With my sob story out there its time to get to my questions/ Ideas.

My idea is to work out with weights mon, tues, thurs, fri. I plan on running or playing sports Sun, Wed, and Sat. the problem is what weight exercises should I do with the equipment that I have? I've figured out rep schemes from reading just not sure what exercises to do each day.

I am now dieting to some extent. I have cut a lot of the cr@p out of my diet and am working on eating a healthy and balanced meals with supplements. Right now I am taking fish oil and a multi vitamin, but plan on adding HOT-ROX soon. I just am not at the point yet to warrant a lot of other things until I can prove to myself that I am serious and not going to invest all this money to give up. In 6-8 weeks thats when I plan on investing more and re-evaluating.

Weakness - I am weak in the arm and torso/upper body area, My mid section is the typical Beer gut type body (although I don't drink at all, or smoke for that matter). My legs are ok, but could use improvement. I want to lose the fat tone up and then progress to adding mass. If I can get in shape I may even be able to go out for a semi pro football team which is a huge driving force as well for this change.

The questions I have are:
1. Is this the right tpe of plan (mon, tues, thurs, fri strength and sat, sun, wed cardio)?
2. Anyone have any ideas for the exercises I can do on the machine I have? (see attached images)
3. Is my diet sufficent enough to start on?

I really look forward to commiting to making a change and look forward to getting your help and one day beeing offer to add to the forums instead of take so much.

6'4" 250lbs
30% body fat (fat in te middle scrawny everywhere else)
No idea how much I can lift


I, personally, think you'd just benefit from getting into the routine before you worry about complex stuff, even before you worry too much about diet.

They're called newbie gains, you'll get progress even if everything isn't dialed in.

Or if you had muscle a long time ago one could attribute it to muscle memory.

Just do it, do your 4 day a week thing, but save 1-2 days for rest. You can't burn yourself out everyday and expect your body to heal enough to make composition changes.

Get it so that working out isn't a chore or something you have to fit into your schedule and life.

It should become a part of your life, then you can tweek it.

PS: Make sure you're not neglecting any one area of the body. And get rid of junk food in your diet. Those are probably some of the most important things in making body changes.


Don't think I didn't see the "tone up" in the middle of that spiel. Here's the deal. Your a beginner. Its very possible for you to lose some of your fat and gain some muscle at the same time. Just make sure your getting enough protein and enough calories. Unless a newbie is completely overweight and I mean more than 30 pounds there is no need for them to go on a fat loss diet right away. Most newbies will lose that fat from simply cutting out all the terrible shit they eat,on top of the added physical activity of weight training along with a little bit of cardio activity.

As far as the machine ya got I think you'd be better off hitting a gym(especially if your looking to play football) but its better than nothing.I would simply start off doing something like 3x8 or 5x5,hitting every major muscle group 3x week while getting used to what your doing and testing out how much you can actually lift.


On one hand, going from couch potato to working out 6x a week could be too much. On the other hand, you're a begginer and you won't be able to put that much intensity in your workouts, so it may work out just fine.

Don't get discouraged if you run into problems. Just refactor your workout program, maybe drop one workout day, maybe try pushing a bit harder on the other, and keep going.

Try getting to a good gym as soon as you can, and start squatting deep :slight_smile:

Good luck.


You've already taken a step in the right direction, and you're doing it for all the right reasons. Kudos.

At this point, all you need to do to make progress is to tighten up your food intake and start exercising more. A basic full-body plan and some cardiovascular training will yield nice results. I know I just made that sound easy, but you don't have to overcomplicate things at this point...start making progress, form healthier habits, and gain some momentum.

With that said, there are dozens of phenomenal weight training programs on this site. Search through them and get an idea for the exercises you should be focusing on...then follow one as closely as you can with your home gym.

There's a great beginner's thread on the beginner forum with a ton of links...make sure you check that out.

Best wishes, let us know how your progress goes.


post your progrees here every few weeks or so. And if you have any questions, everyone here will be more than willing to lend a helping hand.


So My First workout is done, Painfully done. The exercises I tried today are the following (mostly in one or 2 sets each):

Vacum, Transverse abs
Reverse Crunch
Oblique crunch
Prone Superman
Chest Press
Peck-deck Fly
Lat Pulldown
Supinated Row
Shoulder Press
Upright Row
External Rotation
Standing Curl
Leg Press
Leg Curl
Calf Raise

It was a full body workout but I viewed it more as a benchmark of where I am. I will probably split up body parts from now on to save me the pain. I will say this, it is definetly hard to keep motivated knowing no one can see you cheat, but this too important and I'm only cheating myself. The only question I had was after my work out and shower I felt like my ears were popping a lot, is that normal? I'm also adjusting to 3 weight days and 3 cardio days.


17, 17... Wow, 17 in one workout. 4 on abs alone. Most of it isolation work.

I used to train like this. I was wrong. Very wrong. You, are also wrong. You need a reboot. There is no shame in the Beginners Thread.

Vroom's Beginner Thread

Total-Body Training
The 3-day-per-week, full-body workout plan

Don't train like you are. Don't burn out. I look foward to you telling this to newbies when you are in much better shape 6 months from now.


whoa buddy full body is good especially if your training for sports i say to keep to it and it burns more calories stimulates more precious testoterone and being fresh of the couch helps intensity stick to the machines they are fun and when you get hooked all you will need is a barbell and some plates not even a gym membership or check out Dan John "from the ground up" google that full stop


Today I am feeling like it may have been a tad much, however most of the ab work was weight free, and alot of this stuff I only did one or 2 sets on. I may end up cutting it into 3 isolated workouts based on areas, and based on the beginers workout thread.

Tonight I am doing plain old cario (sports based) to build up "explosiveness".

I wrote up an excel sheet of the workout I did last night, you can download it here in excel format:

(Huge miami dolphins fan)

I really appreciate everyones comments and assistance!!!! I hope to figure all of this out, and start making good progress.