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Objects Sold as Exercise Machines


Though y’all would appreciate this =D.

We have what is known as Council Cleanup going on at the moment (hard rubbish removal).

The amount of “Abber-Dabber” machines and “Super-extreme-fat-burning-machine” devices lying unused and discarded by their (still)overweight owners is insane.

Got to give them credit for their marketing skills (or at least their ability to exploit vulnerabilities). Now, if only it had been used for good…

What’s that “new” mini-swiss ball that lady advertises on TV that goes under your lumbar spine for crunches??? It’s doing the exact job that your abs should be doing during a crunch. I love how she’s preying on stupid people who don’t realize if the ball is doing the job your abs should be doing then you’re not going to be getting jackshit out of your ab workout. Priceless! Why do asshats find it so easy to profit off suckers in the fitness world?

Screw it, I’m going to market a tampon that you stick in your ears during the bench press/pushup that claims to hold more pressure inside your body to give you a stronger push. Only $19.99, but wait call now and we’ll DOUBLE your offer!