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did anyone catch the USA Today article that stated 64% of all Americans are overweight or obese? What are fellow t-maggers thoughts. I personally think their is a self-esteem sickness in this country,not only with weight,but with drugs,alchohol, and other vices. Shit 64%!!! Damn, the diabetes cases and heart problems are going to go through the roof, and all of us healthy individuals will eventually pay for it through our insurance rates. Hell, my insurance rates have doubled at my job over the last 3 yrs, even though I have yet to file a claim in my entire work history there(6yrs). Fat people who are nothing but fat due to laziness chap my ass.

I just posted a message about the same thing man. I feel what you are saying.

You have no idea how much fat people irritate me. Them and smokers. Grr. In Canada we all pay health insurance - and as the population ages, those rates are going to go up. Damn it. I’m going to have to pay money so that other people can be fat.

What did the article say? I think that the US spent $115 Billion dollars treating obesity (or paying for obesity related illnesses). I’m not talking about what people spend on ‘get-slim-quick’ schemes. I’m talking “time in hospital unclogging arteries on the State’s dollar”. Fuck.

I haven’t studied none of this stuff before, but at what bodyfat percentage is considered obese? I personally find viewing overweight people harmful to my eye-sight, but it doesen’t bother me much since it means that I look more ‘special’ when I walk past Dinky Doughnuts in my basketball jersey :wink:

I think, being the extremest libritarian that I am, that people are entitled to be fat, lazy, alchoholic, drug users. Sure they may drive up insurance prices , a little, but I pretty confident that the insurance companies, hospitals, doctors, and drug companies are far more resonsible for the increase in health care costs.

$1200 dollars a night for a room with an adjustable bed and a TV you can't hardly hear, two dollars for one Tylenol. That is if you don't need and special monitors, drugs or oxygen. Hospitals give discounts to the insurance companies, but not the people who cannot afford to pay the bills.

Visiting a doctor costs $80 just for the privilage of walking in the office. Hold on to your ass if you need blood work.

$85 for a bottle of ceftin, $4 for a bottle of saline spray (salt water). $30 for prescription strenght decongestants (psuedoephidrine). $90 for a month's supply of Prozac.

insurance companies who fuck the customers by not paying for vital services. Like preventative care being covered up to $250 (one visit) on a child.

I don't think people using health care services more drives up the cost of health care. What drives up the cost of health care is greedy mother fuckers that keep hiking the prices on a service you cannot do with out. Sooner or later you will end up at the doctor or in a hospital. The health care industry is out of control, perriod. The demand on it here is far less than other places, yet theirs is cheaper. But still, like it or not, ours is still the best. If my arm gets chopped off, I want it to get chopped off in the USA.

I think the cut-off for obesity is something like 30% bodyfat. And I think insurance rates should be directly proportional to BF levels.


I think this country has an epidemic problem in regards to its citizens being too fat. However, the clinical term “overweight” is VERY flawed because Body Fat % is not taken into account. “Overweight” basically means that you have a body mass index [Mass (in Kg)/ height (in m)squared]of 25.0 to 29.9. To put this in perspective, I am 5’11", if I weigh 179lbs or more I am overweight. If I weigh 215 or more I am obese. Since I really weigh about 190 @ 11%BF, I am overweight. In reality, I look skinny but muscular to most people. In conclusion, 64% overweight is probably misleading, personally I would bet most people on this board probably have a BMI of atleast 25. Although, 64% maybe biased high for fat Americans that amount of fat Americans is still alarming.

It’s not a self esteem problem, it’s just plain old ingnorance. Most people have no clue how many calories they eat, how many they should eat, or what true healthy eating habits are. The USDA Food Pyramid isn’t helping matters either. Couple poor eating habits (most people eat for pleasure not to fuel their body)with a very sedentary lifestyle and the results are easy to see. I think it’s oing to be very difficult to educate people and get them off of their ass. When you have the muscle tone of a bag of marshmallows and get out of breath walking to the mailbox any kind of exercise is pretty damn painful. That’s why most of the puffy people that go into places like Bally’s to take care of their New Year’s resolution to lose weight and get in shape are gone in 3 weeks. Back to the couch, the TV, and the Moon Pies. I predict that in not very many years at least a third of the people in the US will be using those electric scooters to haul their bulk around.

That’s why I think we should flame the newbies a lot less than some people do. A quick answer to a simple question lets them start filling their brain. The more they know, the easier it is to know more.

I try to have a brighter outlook on all of this. Let me explain. You know how everyone is complaining about the world being over populated? Well, ultimately since obesity causes diabetes, heart attacks, so on and so forth it is just helping bringing the population down. As well as murder, war, shit like that help contribute to population control. The insurance costs are a bitch though. You would think that the insurance companies would start looking at people as unique cases and not just more money, but that is an entire different argument.

Actually, since it affects people after they’ve left ‘the breeding age’, their deaths don’t slow down population growth. As well, we have to tend them in their sickness.

Why do you think I joined the T-Nation? Frankly, the epidemic of obesity creates the economic stimulus for folks like us to self-insure. Why should we be paying for the health care of a bunch of fat slobs who were too lazy, too ingnorant and too apathetic to take care of their own health?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that obesity % calculated using a Body Mass Index? At 6’2 200 lbs, I calculate as over weight. Although obesity is definitely a problem, is that 64% an inflated number? Although, I guess even if it is inflated, it’s still really f’ing high!