"Obesity Rating" - New Regulations Mandate BMI

If this has been posted already, I apologize - I didn’t see it anywhere.

“Obesity Rating for Every American Must Be Included in Stimulus-Mandated Electronic Health Records, Says HHS”


“According to the CDC, BMI provides a reliable indicator of body fatness for most people and is used to screen for weight categories that may lead to health problems.”

Not anyone here.

ps- even our surgeon general is fat. Could it get any sadder?

Using the BMI as a health indicator is ridiculous.

Think of the consequences…

" Oh no patty, no weights for me today, I’m watching my BMI."

" sorry paul, i got to take a month off from lifting. Doc said I was gaining muscle too fast … throwing my BMI out of wack."

At least the article recognized that it is only GENERALLY right. Which, of course, leads us to wonder…why the fuck doesn’t the medical community start using a more accurate method. At least combining caliper bf% measurements would be SOMEWHAT accurate, as compared to JUST BMI. Sheeeit.