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Obesity: No Problem

A recent article in JAMA reported that obesity in America is not the problem it’s been made out to be.

As recent as 2 years ago the FDA among others put obesity as the #2 health risk in America as to cause of death.

The new study now puts obesity as only the 7th biggest health menace facing America.
A quote from the article:

“modestly overweight people actually have lower risk of death than those of ‘normal weight’”
“A recent study found overweight Americans are healthier than ever, with better maintenance of blood pressure and cholesterol”

Could this be the drug companies influence of our medical system? How can this be reported as fact by our medical community? How can this be supported by any gov’t agency?

We are fatter than ever. Childhood diabetes rates are climbing at an alarming rate.

There was even a line in the study that stated because of our ever expanding waist lines for the first time in 100 years our life expectancy was actually decreasing by 4-7mos.

I’m no Dr. or gov’t employee, but my emperical evidence would not support this conclusion by JAMA.

Maybe the fast food companies and drug companies got together to sponsor this ridiculous study.

Big Brother Is Watching

Wonder who sponsored the study? It’s like the studies that concluded that there is no conclusive evidence that cigarette smoking causes health problems. Pfffftttt.

Anyway, I have to disagree with that obesity study. With all the health disparities secondary to obesity as well as the health effects of obesity itself, that are literally weighing down our health care systems, obesity is obviously a huge problem.

Checkout the last part of my ACSM article, the write-up on “Body Composition Assessment: New Approaches Replace Outdated Standards.” Some very interesting stuff on obesity there:


I, personally, would have to be convinced that obesity is not the number one health issue in America. As you stated Chinadoll, with all of the health issues associated with obesity, it’s weighing down our health and personal wellfare. Just the quality of life issues alone are staggering. I know you hear fat people say they are happy in their body, but come on, when a workout is crawling up the stairs to go to bed you have to wonder

One study, even in JAMA, is nothing like conclusive.

[quote]Cream wrote:
One study, even in JAMA, is nothing like conclusive.[/quote]

I don’t think anyone was suggesting conclusivity (is that a word?). The idea that they are reporting it at all is the issue.

From what you see, does this appear to be true? To say 2 years ago it was the cause or leading factor in almost 500,00 preventable deaths. To now stating that it really is only responsible for 40,000.

I want to know who performed and funded the study. My issue with JAMA is only that it was reported in their magazine, which just because of it’s name and pedigree carries with it some weight.