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Obesity is Officially a Disease



Now insurance companies have to recognize it as a disease and cover it. Let the shit storm begin.


God, sometimes I hate America...


100 million people suffer from this, can now seek treatment via Obamacare. Brilliant.


Must.....not......curse.........like a drunken sailor......


The best part is mine and your tax dollars get to be spent on them being lazy as shit. I'm all for people getting healthy and in shape. This isn't the issue though, its an issue of people being incredibly lazy and having every excuse under the sun. Now we suffer for their laziness. Why? Because they are soon to outnumber the people who give a shit about their health.

You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.


We need to go all Atkins diet and fight the imbalance with an opposite extreme imbalance. I say we install flesh-eating parasites in every cinnabun across the U.S., and all the less obvious fat person food globally.


Hahaha. You really want to start this thing up already?


I feel like I movie up every thread now, sometimes completely by accident. I hear from pre-releases that World War Z comes in pretty mediocre. That's unfair, they said semi-good, but not really good, kind of Gangs Of New York good.

I still will watch it because it's apparently still better than I did expect it to be, and I lurv me some zombie movies.


Fucking A... on most BMI charts I classify as morbidly obese. Can you say disability and the bridal-train of perks that go along with it... where do I sign up?



Lol. I was thinking the exact same thing. At 6'1" 205 I'm already considered overweight. If I can get up to 228 pounds or more I am officially obese. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.


The BMI charts all the doctors use don't take anything else into consideration besides height and weight. If it was up to them, I'd weigh an emaciated 170 instead of a healthy and strong 237.

I will be watching how far this goes, if I can gain another 15 and get disability, count me as in. Tons of perks go with disability in NY that they don't advertise up front.



I know some Africans that would love to catch that disease. America you break my heart.


This is what it is all about:

"The decision to classify obesity as a disease will have far-reaching effects such as the approval of more and better obesity drugs, continued advancements in bariatric surgery....."

Particularly the first part. I would not be surprised one bit if big pharma is not pushing this.


So, I need to get my BMI back up over 30 and I get free monies?


Here's a question, why exactly is it more frowned upon to be underweight, than grossly overweight? Since they are both dangerous, and one is even worse than the other from the effects it has on everyone else.

When obese you cost your country more money, health insurance costs more for others, you aren't as productive, you cost more money to keep your lard ass alive, and the food that you were jamming down your throat means that OTHERS can't use that food.

Since the Earth can only support so many animals, and the fat fuckers who gobble down several times more than they need means that there is less for other humans, and other species. I would go as far to even say that the grossly overweight should have two options: lose weight, or have no access to medical care. Either one they choose it helps the rest of the world.

That would be the end of my poorly written rant.


In all honest I don't see much frowning done on the skinny. I mean maybe some jokes around the gym but that's about it. TV and movies love skinny fuckers


Fuck you guys beat me to it. This was the first thing to pop into my head when I heard it on the radio. "Will they be basing this off of BMI? That would probably be the easiest thing for them to do, and they will likely take the easiest route possible. I could be entitled to all kinds of shit that I shouldn't really be getting. Awesome!"

My BMI is around 29.5

I could easily top 30 if I needed to. It's unclear based on the current reports exactly how obesity "the disease" will be diagnosed though. Nothing out there yet that I've seen says that it will be established using BMI. I mean the medical community isn't stupid. They know what BMI is the same as we all do. They have all acknowledged its limitations.

I can kind of envision going to the doctor basically asking for an obesity diagnosis and having him tell me to fuck off without so much as a cursory examination lol.


If obesity is a disease, studity must be an epidemic.


Sounds great to me big pharma! Let me tell you about one of the best anti-obesity drugs out there. It's called testosterone enanthate. I think a prescription for 2000mg or so a month should about cover it.

6 months later

"I don't know what happened doc! My BMI seems to have climbed all the way to 35! Guess we'll just need to up the dosage of my medication."


I have a BMI of 32.3. DO you getz da Obama phonz wit da obeesiteez?