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Obesity is Not a Personal Choice


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If so, why are there no fat people in povery stricken countries in places like Central Africa?

Do they lack this gene, or is it as simple as them being malnourished, therefore in a caloric deficit most of the time, therefore not fat?


So for this to be correct, take a country like America, where obesity rates have skyrocketed over the past few decades. Why would genetics explain the rise in obesity? Sexual selection? In other words, mates are picking out obese individuals as mates at a higher rate than non-obese individuals, and therefore those genes are getting passed on at a higher frequency? I don't think so.

I really despise articles like this. There's no doubt that genetics play an influential role in just about everything. However, just because genes may contribute to the likelihood of someone being obese does not make obesity "genetic."


Agreed, mrw...

I believe wholeheartedly that some people have a genetic predisposition to carry more bodyfat, and I will even believe in a genetic predisposition to overeating. However, EVERY SINGLE PERSON on this website has a set of genetic determining factors, and yet we have improved our body composition through diet and exercise.

Some people have an easier time at this than others. However, find me the guy that lifts hard 4 days a week, does an appropriate amount of conditioning work, and has his diet dialed in that is not seeing improvements in body comp.


They may have a genetic disposition towards a high body fat, but that doesn't mean they are doomed to obesity. They just have to try harder than the average person. It's pretty simple to say that they won't be able to gain weight on a calorie defecit. Every male in my dad's side of the family has a pot belly, but that just means i have to try to keep my bodyfat a little lower. It doesn't necessarily mean that I WILL have one. Seems like this article is just going to give obese people more material to justify their lack of effort.


Society today has become excuse based. The author was probably fat. You're fat because you eat a couple Big Mac's, followed up with an apple pie, washed down with a Mountain Dew big slam. And, the only exercise those people get are walking to the shitter to expel it all. I'm an FFB. I know exactly why I was large (butterfinger ice cream for dinner.)
You're an alcoholic? Really? No you're not, grow some stones and put down the bottle.
You like touching little boys? You're not "sick," You, are a prevert.
WTF is accountability anymore.


I have to disagree with this report.

It states that nutrition has improved over the last 200 years, wrong. The accessibility of food has, but the quality of food has gone to total shit compared to 200 yrs ago. If you are going to talk about food 200 yrs ago, you must examine all that surrounds it. Back then, getting food might have been included a ton of energy to get it. The lack of machinery made it more enegy costly to harvest, grow, or hunt food.

You also have to consider the absence of junk food which most people live off of now. Back then you had nutritious, high fiber, low calorie food. You mix that with the increased daily activity and you have a good recipe for weight control.


Obesity is a choice. You choose what you put into your body. You can choose to make a healthy choice or an unhealthy one. You can choose to exercise or you can choose to sit on your ass all day.


I think there are some things in our bodies that do make us over weight..I am over weight but i dont claim to be a victim of any such condition but some people I see that are huge compared to me..i wonder how in the hell they did it.I'm 6'1 300lbs..Ive seen people just recently the same age as me who are 400 or 500lbs.Ive been overweight since I was ten so I doubt they had much of a head start.


IME if poor people are fat it is mostly because they are stupid. It is like: ''I'll eat nothing but a snicker bar and a can of coke while I am working and I still cant finish my secondary 2 french course at 18 years old'' on a 55 hours a week horrible job


"No group is more stigmatized than the obese."

As someone who works in the adult industry, I call bullshit on that statement.


You work in the adult industry?


As an Actress? Did I see any of your work? :slight_smile:


Yeah, obesity is genetic.

There's that goddamn gene in my DNA that makes me eat those 12 hamburgers.


Obesity is not generally a choice, but there are exceptions.


I'm a dominatrix (the brutal kind, not the sexy kind) and I run a online and phone aspect of my domination business. I also run 9 characters covering varying fetishes and regular vanilla phone sex. I have a couple of fan sites where I sell pictures and videos (some of them are me and some are content that I purchase with rights to resell.) I also write erotica and sell audio recordings of my stories.

I do webcam now and then and when I really go stir crazy I'm a licensed Las Vegas stripper.

So yeah, adult industry although I only have sex with my husband or occasionally a girlfriend.


in "good calories bad calories" where i'm reading now, he's talking about how low carb diets and exercise are not effective for weight loss, because once you stop the diet, the weight comes back. then i'm reminded of something one of the authors on here has said (Shugart maybe?): you don't stop the diet or the exercise. that is your new lifestyle. if you return to the way you have eaten and behaved in the past, of course you will put the weight back on!


My point though is that fat people are full of shit when they claim discrimination. I've never heard of a person being asked to leave a party or public event because someone "recognized" their fatness. I, on the other hand, have had that experience.

There is no damn stigma with being fat, most people just aren't sexually attracted to fat rolls. It's asinine for a group to claim discrimination because the majority doesn't want to fuck them. Otherwise, I suppose ugly people or people with herpes could make the same claim. Those fatties don't even know what stigma is if they think that they have it rough.


I dont look awsome with my shirt off because I fell out of my mothers woom like this. Its hard work; day in and day out and that extends far beyond what I do in the gym. Its a lifestyle including appetite supression, diet, increased NEPA, and often having to fight off my laziness. This excuse bullshit is only coming around because everyday theres more and more people lobbying for their cause because everyday theres more and more fat people. Ask anyone whos made a serious body transformation... theyll say the same thing. Its hard work and theres no other way around it.

I cant wait till one day we split into two different races... A cave dwelling short fat poverty stricker unathletic race. And a tall, muscular ruling class race that uses the short fat ones as slaves.
jk :wink:


The only time I hate a fat person is when they make excuses. If they want to be fat, that's fine with me. Just expect non-fat people to think you look disgusting, and expect to pay for 2 seats when you fly on the airplane.