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Obese People Getting Disability Benefits


At my work I recently learned that one of our employees was going out on full disability for her obesity. Now this employee already had a designated parking space close to the building, a modified schedule (more breaks, allowed to sit at her job, and longer lunch), she had a handicapped placard for her car from the DMV, and she had qualified for rent assistance due to her having to work fewer hours.

I don't think a person should get disability benefits for being obese if the only reason they are obese is their poor food choices and lack of exercise. People can be disabled and due to that they put on weight so that sucks and I think they should have their disability benefits due to the original disability.

But this lady is now getting state aid to sit around and do nothing and eat all day long while my taxes pay for it. Isn't this just feeding the reason why she is on disability in the first place?


Pisses me off.

It's something like getting disability for being a smoker.




I think it's an issue when you say that the person got obese from making poor food choices and not exercising; I see that pre-condition being twisted into (for example): "My mental/emotional state led me to make such lifestyle choices..." etc. until it becomes a pre-condition that qualifies for even a perversion of an existing pre-condition for stability. At least, that's the cynic in me seeing that.


What if she was given such assistance and a timeline for getting "better" so her capacity for work would be restored, and then her wages were garnished to counter the state aid she received during the that time?

Throwing out a hypothetical, please don't attack me :wink:


If it's any consolation, she will probably be dead soon.


I had to.




I don't know about the timeline. That could be a good solution. But just think, won't they lose to keep the benefits and then what? They succeed and there is no more free money so won't they just put the weight back on to get the benefits again?

asshole (I kid! I kid!)


I hate when people work the system like that. I've been in a couple of conversations with people about this and can't hold my tongue. Once they get done pandering for sympathy I tell them about my brother, and how he severed his spinal chord. Then went back to school, got 2 degrees and became employed in his field of education- in a wheel chair. Then I tell them that they are not handicapped, they are lazy pieces of shit, and walk away.


Or a manlet.



But I can't get reparations. This is Bullshit!!!


Why aren't people on unemployment required to do some form of community service?

Why are people on wealth ware taking cruises to the Bahamas and buying plasma tv's?

Why is it that people who acquire schizophrenia from crack abuse are eligible for disability?

It's almost like rewarding people for bad behavior. It sucks but i think we as a nation are trying to be too accommodating,



When did it become fashionable to be unable, incompetent, ignorant, and helpless?

Fucking drown these people in gasoline and burn them with fire. If it's to the point where your obesity is having a negative impact on the national debt, then it's time for you to die and try doing life over again. You lost this round.


This reminds me of this sign I saw in South Africa recently. The parking spaces were chained off, so not just any lazy fuck could park there. Parking lot attendants had the keys, and would have to verify your handicappedness to allow you to park there. Here in the good old USA, it's like "Oh shit, you're fat? Here, park closer so you don't have to walk as far."

Fucking lazy fucks.

Bravo to your brother too man, he's the man!


Those are all my questions also. During the Depression work programs were created so people could get paid and help the economy. I would like it if people did some kind of work to receive benefits but as it is they are protesting drug testing for those who receive benefits. I do think there should be drug testing or else this also seems like taxes paying for crack.


Nnnnngggggaaaaaaa...words fail me.


There was a time in human evolution when disabled meant you starved to death. There should be no form of government/societal aid for shit you do to yourself.

I totally support the right to smoke from the day you're 18 til the day you die, but don't cry to me when you're dying of lung cancer. Cause and effect, motherfucker.

Personal responsibility is at an all time low, at least here in the US.


I've made my views on fat motherfuckers pretty clear here in the past. That being said, there really isn't any difference between this fat fuck's disability and any other disability any of us could end up with that would allow us the same general privileges that hers provides. The only real difference is the nature of the disability itself and all that boils down to is choice.

I have a friend who is currently getting virtually the same "privileges" as this obese woman, except that his disability stems from a major motorcycle accident he was in two years ago. His choosing to get on the motorcycle and drive down a windy mountain road isn't really that much different than this obese woman choosing to have the entire left side of the menu at McDonald's for lunch.

They both are assuming inherent risks with their behavior. Perhaps the extent to which you are given disability payments and extra accommodations should hinge entirely on the risk factor involved with whatever activity it is you engage in that leads to the disability in the first place.

That being said, there are also more and more studies each year that indicate that there is a distinct possibility that a huge factor in someone's weight is genetic in nature and that essentially many people cannot "choose" to not be fat, only the extent to how fat they become. I've even heard of studies raising the possibility of an "obese" gene. Perhaps this woman's disability doesn't even boil down to choice as much as it does chance.

My point is that I don't think that much separates this woman from anyone else collecting disability for a more "legitimate" reason other than her grotesque physical appearance. Maybe I should start a thread lamenting the unfairness involved with giving my friend a handicapped parking space, frequent breaks due to intermittent pain and disability payments because he was stupid enough to drive his motorcycle well in excess of the speed limit on a road he was unfamiliar with.

I'll also say this: it's more than a little pretentious for a woman as beautiful as OctoberGirl to get on here and complain about this fat ass. You're lucky that you don't look like her, OctoberGirl, and you're lucky that you won't have all the escalating health problems that your co-worker will have later in life. I'd choose health and an attractive appearance over less working hours, assisted housing and convenient parking spaces any day.


Let the fat fuck starve the weight off till they can return to work.


I understand your reasoning and hadn't considered such things as a traffic accident and the receiving of benefits. That is a good point. I haven't had time to consider my opinion in that regard.

Did you actually say whether or not you support an obese person's right to benefits for the disability of being fat?

You mention the fat gene. Sometimes we have to work harder to overcome our issues. My brother is dyslexic and he had to work very hard to get through school and then college but he did it. I for some reason, get lost all the time. It is bizarre. But I try to prepare with mapquest and my parents bought me a GPS. I've lived in San Diego my whole life but I get lost, so I work harder to over come that issue.

You say I am pretentious for starting this thread. Are you suggesting I am disallowed an opinion on social issues because you think I have an advantage? This issue isn't just about appearance it is another's choice that is taking money out of my pocket.