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Obese Man Needs Help Interpreting Hormone Levels

Total Test: 400 ng/dL

Free: 19.8 pg/mL

Prolactin: 11.9 ng/mL

Estradiol: 31.8 pg/mL

I am 18 years old. 363 pounds. I have very typical symptoms of low T. Lack of motivation and drive. Insomnia and heat intolerance and cold tolerance. Anxiety. Low confidence. Massive panic attacks. Can’t study for finals. Stressed. Low libido. Low competitiveness. Weakness in the gym, body fat around the waist. I’ve lost 39 pounds since coming to college. Been weight training for 6 weeks. Training maxes are 245 SQ, 315 DL, and 290 B.

Everything else is healthy. I’m not diabetic or pre-diabetic. And I have a normal lipid profile and cholesterol. Blood pressure in the normal range.

It will be hard for you to sort out the causes of your symptoms while you are that much overweight. Your T levels are a bit low but may not be the cause of your problems.


Weight loss will almost certainly improve your hormones. Since you are not diabetic the question is why have you gained weight? You need to make sure there is no underlying condition (thyroid?)and go from there.

I’ve gained weight over time because of food. I was an obese child.

That does not mean you do not have hypothyroidism. My son was born with hyperthyroidism it just went diagnosed until age 13. Please get a thyroid panel and a CBC before deciding on TRT. TRT is for life while root cause may be more easily treatable without effecting fertility.