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Obese friend

A friend of mind is just starting to lift weights and do cardio. He is 21, and weighs about 350. He really wants to take a supplement to help him lose weight, but I recommended him to lose weight without supplements at first. He keeps begging me to let him take something. Would the best thing for him to take be T2 pro? I’m not an expert so I could really use some advice or suggestions on other supplements my friend should use.

Give him some Vitamin E and tell him it’s a magical fat loss pill. When he sees the results of what he’s doing in the gym, then you can tell him it’s just a vitimin, and he’s doing it all on his own.

Sure, it’s sneaky, but it’s a lot easier than convincing somebody that diet and exercise alone will work for him.

I really like Doc’s suggestion. If he needs to pop even more pills, try C as well. :slight_smile:

It always helps when I spell vitamin correctly too. :wink:

Hey DotT thats some good advice , like when you told me to take that Super Duper Fat Burner you invented…Hey wait a damm minute!!!