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Obese Family

Wasn’t sure where to put this, but I felt like venting. Is anyone’s main source of motivation obese family members?

Both my parents are obese, my two siblings are overweight, my only remaining grandpa died last week from a heart attack, one of my grandmothers has been obese for as long as I can remember, and diabetes runs in my family (my younger brother got type 1 at age 7 and both my grandparents and one grandmother have/had type 2).

Over the last few years, I’ve tried to get various family members to alter their habits (little steps at a time) and after a week they just seem to revert back to their old ways. ex.

My dad will eat fish, rice, and broccoli for dinner and then 2 hours later have popcorn and ice cream! I decided a long time ago that I would devote myself to staying healthy no matter what time constraints come my way from work/girlfriend/buddies/etc…

but it bothers me to no end that so many of my family members risk their health when they are so disciplined and hard-working with everything else in their life.

On top of that, I get teased by my family members for being “borderline compulsive” about working out, exercising, and eating right. I’ve told them how I feel but nothing seems to work. i’ve rambled on enough… anyone else dealing with similar issues?

Man I know exactly how you feel.

My whole family used to be overweight/obese and to be honest it makes a little sick. My little brother used to be chubby as because he did hardly any sport(he did cricket but that’s not really a intense sport) but then he got a job and lost a shitload of weight.

My Dad is 5’10 same height as me but weighs about 120kg (260lbs i think) and Ive tried to get him to work out but he always complains and makes excuses. Im tired i’ll do it tomorrow, my knee hurts.

Now he is a primary school teacher and working with kids takes alot out of you and he has had problems with arthritis, but fuckin hell is it that hard to put 3-4 hours a week of training in. You do have 168 hours every week.

I agree, not just obease family members but obease people in gereneral i understand that they need help and lot of people just dont understand the health risk of being obease and many just do not care. But i see them and deal with them everey day and all i can think to myself is i never want to be like that.

Chances are anyone who is a member here is dealing with a similar situation somewhere in their life. I’m a Senior in college and for 3 years now, every time i go home for summer vacation my dad loses in the area of 15-25 pounds just because he is influenced by my eating/training and as soon as i head back to school in the fall…he goes right back to the pizza and ice cream. Chris Shugarts article/blog called “Merry Christmas Uncle Bob” is right up your ally. check it out if you have never read it. It is my favorite thing ever written on this website and motivates me every time i read it to keep working.

my dad is technically obese, my mom is over 50 and has gotten significantly overweight (not technically obese) the past few years and my brother is definitely on the fat side with love handles and horrible posture

i may be an asshole for saying this but this environment (yes i still live at home in my 20’s but pay rent) is actually detrimental for training motivation, since the parents buy into the whole braindead propaganda of lifting heavy weight = instant death, i ignore what they say and buy all my equipment/supplements but damn it’s annoying and persistent

could they die from their horrible habits ? probably but i’ve learned the past few years that ignorance really is bliss so i say fuck them because i’m finished with giving advice, unless someone is genuinely interested and asks a lifestyle/fitness question to my face i won’t provide any help

What’s worse is when you have a child and try to instill good habits in that child, and then those same motherfuckers come along and try to turn YOUR kid into a fatass with all their fatass habits. Then try to make YOU look like the asshole for not letting the kid have ice cream for lunch.

Ugh, my family’s ok, but some of the teacher’s at my son’s school just make me want to scream.
Last year, my then 6 year old came home and told me that one of his teachers said it was healthy to eat ice cream every day, as long as you only eat a little bit. So, he wanted his ice cream. Then he argued with me about it because I “wouldn’t let him be healthy.”

I went into the school with him the next day to rip her a new one and he pointed out a 300lb woman. So I just bent down and said, “Sweetie, do you know why she’s so fat? Because she eats ice cream every day.”

Worked like a charm.

ah yes the “everything in moderation is fine” argument, i despise that as well

a “little bit” of ice cream or white bread or simple carbs (without fiber) or fast food is not going to do your body composition or health any favors

i say the same thing towards those that say “a beer or two per week won’t kill you” and i respond with “will it help me achieve my goals ? no, so i won’t waste my time or money on it”

sorry folks but a little bit of garbage is still garbage

I don’t have kids yet, but I’d be damned if I let teachers tell them what is and isn’t ok to eat. I just hope that schools get rid of all that crap from the cafeteria by the time my kids go to school.