Obese Beginner Looking for Some Direction

Current stats
Age - 31
Weight - ~250lbs
Height - 5ft 11
BF% - 30%+

Best lifts (1 rep max)
Squat - 100kg
Deadlift - 120kg
Press - 55kg
Bench - 70kg

So basically a fat, weak mess at the minute looking to not die in the next 5-10 years and hopefully look a bit better and get a bit stronger.

Obviously given my size my main objective is to lose fat. I have put together a bit of a diet following the zone diet principles. Please let me know your thoughts.

7am - Protein shake
10am - Oats with peanut butter
1pm - Chicken, rice and veg
4pm - Orange
7pm - Chicken, potato and veg
10pm - Protein shake

Works out about 2300kcal, 210g protein, 190g carbs, 70g fats.

With regards to training I’m a bit clueless. I have had a look at SS but not sure it would be suitable for someone who is eating a calorie deficit. Seems to be aimed at younger guys looking to bulk up but im happy to be told otherwise. Would 531 with its slower progression be a better option?

Will be doing cardio on my off days. Mostly walking and rowing.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Hi, welcome and well done on the decision to do something for your health.

For some really good eating guidelines Google ‘precision nutrition how to fix a broken diet’ you may find that’s all you need to get you where you want without worrying too much about calories or macronutrients.

5/3/1 is a great plan but you could use a linear style of progression at your stage and make some fantastic strength gains. SS a good plan but you have to learn the power clean, which puts some people off. You could try stronglifts 5x5 which replaces the cleans with Pendlay style barbell rows so some say this is a technically simpler program. Either way make sure you learn how to do all of the lifts properly and use the linear progression model outlined in the plans to get stronger fast. When you find you’re no longer progressing after a few attemps at backing off and ramping up again then think about switching up things up a little. 5/3/1 would be a good transition as you still get to use the overhead press, squat, deadlift and bench.

5/3/1 has no preset progression for the trainee. That is just some weird Internet meme. You progress as fast as you posssibly can with 5/3/1, because progression is up to the trainee.

Use it. Jim even has a program for beginners. If you google it, you will find it.

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If there’s a beginners version then go with that. I didn’t know there was one.

@rytis You’ve got to be kidding me right? You’re advising someone who has no experience with training or nutrition who is just looking to get into shape to go on a cycle???

How about learning the basics of training and nutrition and putting that into practice for a few years at least. Learn how to work really hard and see how you get on with that before looking for some kind of magic that will turn you into the hulk overnight. I’d also suggest that you follow that advice too.

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Well thanks for you advice but why do you think a person like me who knows how to train and eat but is limited by crappy genes and low natural T should not take steroids , cmon man give me a reason

besides if you know and i am sure you do that men who have Low T are obese and OBESE men have low t , do you get what i am trying to say here … ?

This can be a vicious cycle where your body does not have enough male hormone to get you to burn off fat.

I have advised him on using very mild good cycle with reasonable compounds ,

Do you not agree :wink:

@clobbasaurus I’m calling troll


I’m calling troll because the advice you gave is unbelievably bad. If it was simply your opinion and you aren’t a troll, my apologies as I was wrong. In that case, you are simply an imbecile.


Thanks for the replies guys. Much appreciated.

I have had a quick look at the precision nutrition website. Looks very interesting. Will have a proper look when I have more time later.

I have also googled 531 for beginners. Looks perfect. The reason I thought 531 was slower progression than SS was because the version I saw was based on monthly weight increases rather than workout to workout. Wasnt sure if that would be too slow progress for someone of my level.

With regards to any use of testosterone/steroids etc I think I’m probably better off concentrating on sorting my shitty diet out before I contemplate anything so drastic. But thanks for the input. You mentioned that you didnt like the look of my diet template. Can you advise how I should change it to help me better reach my goals?

Sigh. No… no I do not agree in the slightest.

My thoughts too @MarkKO

And again I agree with you @MarkKO

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@MarkKO so, he feels compelled to offer advice…smh :rolling_eyes:

This might be THE most ridiculous thread yet!


That is the progression rate for the TRAINING MAX, not to trainee. The trainee should progress workout to workout, irrespective of the training max.

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If you’re looking to sort your diet look at the precision nutrition site or check out some Nate Miyaki articles on T Nation. The quote that I posted in my first reply is also worth bearing in mind. The most important initial steps for fat loss are to start making the right food choices and getting your portions under control. I’d ignore that other guy rytis from what he said about eating he knows f**k all.

Lots of good advice here (minus the moron who recommended roids to a new guy just trying to figure things out).

My biggest peice of advice is just focus on being as consist as you can. Really, any program can give you results. Any good diet can work. Just keep at it. Make it part of your life. Don’t think in terms of weeks, months, or even years. Just make it a part of your life. And walk, a lot.


Have a read of this man
5x3x1 follow it to the exact plan!

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Well done for taking action!

I think the others have nailed the training advice - I would also add in some form of cardio.

In terms of diet, it depends. It’s all about diet adherence, and whilst going slowly (maybe more like 2600 kcals?) is the best strategy for diet adherence most of the time, sometimes starting off a little faster (about 2300 kcals) seems to give a huge confidence boost and then a positive-spiral effect for some guys when they see the fat melting off. It also depends on whether your health really is currently a problem.

If you do end up struggling with your diet, and are constantly experiencing cravings, Intermittent Fasting can be very useful. Basically pushing your first meal back by four hours, maybe have a coffee or two in the morning. It allows for more food in the evenings (when most people suffer).

But again, it’s just another tool. Good luck!

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troll maybe, but dickhead for sure[quote=“brookesy1986, post:11, topic:228614”]
With regards to any use of testosterone/steroids etc I think I’m probably better off concentrating on sorting my shitty diet out before I contemplate anything so drastic


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Now the fucking question is are they fat because of low T or is their T is low because of poor diet and lack of physical activity !!!

Complete Bullshit… if that was the case most women would never be able to burn body fat since most have less far less TEST than most men whom are diagnosed with low T levels.

Who are you exactly to give him that advice?

Hmm, maybe your actual training and Diet knowledge isn’t as good as you think it is?



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