Obese Air Passenger in Economy Seat

Obese air passenger in economy seat has picture taken

One of our friends from the gym loaded that picture on his facebook, and tagged all of us in it. hahahah

Fuck, I’d be furious if I had to sit next to someone of that size on a flight, especially on the 12-14 hour ones.

But, like one of the comments says, it’s possible that he had the two seats behind him. It does kind of look like he’s talking with the guy next to him, might have moved to chat. It also looks like the arm rest is down and he’s sitting on it…?

Either way, it’s interesting how people are saying that airlines need to accommodate and cater to people of this size. Bigger seats = lower flight capacity, which would lead me to believe they would charge more for those seats anyway.

Ah shit. I was hoping nobody saw that.