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Obama's Limo Fail


This is hilarious...



I concur lol, but man those SS agents always look so badass in there black suits and glasses. I WANT TO BE ONE.


ha ha - good find. i needed a laugh.


from what I've heard... no you don't.


Elaborate Please.


They were in County Offaly for 9-10 days before your President arrived.

Children there were following them around with black glasses with their hands together.... quite funny to see. Poor agents couldn't help but smile.

I doubt they get much fun in their lives protecting who they do, tis a tough job to be fair. No thanks when you do your job well as tis expected - do it wrong well holy god !



Mooochelle's giant fat ass weighing the car down, I see.


The design of the driveway and long wheel base of a low profile car was the issue.

I really wonder if the passengers totally pissed their pants with that.


From now on US presidents will be ferried around in stretch Hummers.