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Obama's Job Approval


Uh oh, this doesn't look good for Commander Hope'n'Change. Fire up the teleprompters!




Uh oh! Looks like things are getting worse for Commander Hope'n'Change!

Someone fire up the teleprompter! Obamas is going give one of his magnificaent speeches! That'll turn the polls around!


For that matter, in the Rasmussen, Obama has slipped to Strongly Disapprove exceeding Strongly Approve, giving him a net (small) negative by that measure.

However all that does not matter very much. GHW Bush had a 90% approval rating at one point but what did that do for him?

The number of votes Obama-preferred bills will get in the House and Senate doesn't have much to do with his public approval ratings. A trace maybe, but not much.

(A few Democrats in the House, if the numbers are bad enough, might be emboldened enough to "run against" Obama to improve their re-election chances, but I don't think that's a major effect.)


The catch 22 I fear may be in play here is that it may take them permanently neutering this nation to wake people actually and truly up.

Cap and trade and national health care will deal a probably irreversible blow to what's left of this nation. Once the effects of that begin to show I do believe many people will realize what's going on, but it'll be too late.

If they don't get those passed or get severely compromised versions into law, there may still be hope of retrieving the heart of the American way, but I don't know if that will do quite enough damage to really get the comatose public's attention in a significant enough manner..

We are witnessing a national epic object lesson in the boiling frog syndrome.


It is at least starting to appear that Obama-care is DOA among the Democrats.

If he hadn't already gone and added 10 trillion more to the deficit over the next number of years, I would think he could have done it.

But there may well be enough Democrats -- not the Pelosi and Reed types, of course -- that while they would have stomached the trillions that Obama-care would cost had that been the first thing on the agenda, now that all these other trillions, are not going to accept the price tag.

Cap and trade may well die in the Senate too.


If we could slow down the votes we'd be in even better shape. The longer it takes the more people become aware of the situation and the more public support erodes. The month or so we do have may be enough anyway. I'm running into people all over the place, including my very young neighbors, who voted for Obama and are now seeing this country slide off the left hand side of the planet wondering if they made a mistake.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but the next President/Congress can and probably will un-fuck the situation by repealing whatever insane legislation is passed, right? While they're at it they should get rid of Social Security.


Unfortunately, the Republicans have shown us what they'll do when given the reigns. They will have to convince the public they've seen the light while actually seeing it. I wouldn't hold my breath.

Also, if national health care is ever erected in this nation it will never go away regardless of how much suffering it causes. Even cap and trade has a better chance of being repealed.


WTB 3 term limits for Senators! Whose with me!


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In practice once the government expands a given form of spending, it is very hard to actually cut it. The best that ever generally happens is slowing rate of yet further growth.

Once you have recipients used to getting that money -- whether individuals, corporations, or state or local governments -- they fight like the devil against having their increase "taken away."


Or newly hired Federal employees.


That guy Baucus sounds like he along with some other Dems don't really care for Obama's policies. Take a look see on what happened yesterday...



Great link. It disappoints me when I learn that some Democrats voted what I think is the right way on something, but I don't see their names and thus have no one to give credit to.

For those not clicking on the link, this excerpt gives the meat of it:

12 Democrats and 1 Independent defied Party leadership and voted with all 40 Republicans to:

  • permanently authorize E-Verify, so the pro-amnesty forces can't constantly threaten to kill it if they don't get their way
  • require all federal contractors to use E-Verify so returning veterans and other unemployed Americans will get jobs created with federal tax money.

E-Verify won today because these Senators -- who voted to kill the E-Verify mandate in March -- switched today and voted for using E-Verify to keep illegal aliens out of federal contractor jobs.

  • Kent Conrad (D-N.D.)
  • Bryan Dorgan (D-N.D.)
  • Mary Landrieu (D-La.)
  • Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.)
  • Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.)
  • Mark Pryor (D-Ark.)
  • John Rockefeller (D-W.Va.)


We have to give special thanks to the Democrats who stood with us and unemployed Americans today, because they had to defy their Party leadership to do it.

These Democrats voted for mandating E-Verify both today and back in March:

  • Max Baucus (D-Mont.)
  • Kay Hagan (D-N.C.)
  • Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.)
  • Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.)
  • Ben Nelson (D-Neb.)
  • John Tester (D-Mont.)

If 10 of these 13 Senators continue to put American workers first in their voting, they spell absolute doom for plans to legalize 12-20 million illegal aliens with an amnesty.

Democrat Kent Conrad (on the above list of those who voted to make E-Verify permanent) noted yesterday that the proposal to tax employee health benefits, the primary source of funds for ObamaCare, looks dead. Blanche Lincoln (D. Ark.) and many other Democrats (most of whom are also on the above list) are dead-set against the Public Option in ObamaCare. Mary Landrieu (D. La.) looks like a no on the National Energy Tax.


50 trillion in debt, versus 60 trillion...big deal.

The economy has to collapse, the currency has to be repudiated, and all debts to foreigners have to be repudiated (no elected official dares enslave everyone to pay off debt). Once the collapse happens, we'll get martial law and all the above can commence.

America should emerge way more powerful than we are today. All the suckers who lent us money will be goat fucked.


This would necessitate instant isolationism on a truly frightening level. A refusal to repay our international debts would be tantamount to a declaration of war on those countries we are indebted too. I doubt they would attempt an invasion, but our geo political/moral credibility would be permanently shot. I am not one to be unduly concerned with what other nations think of us, but it's a different ballgame if we legitimatize their disdain by ripping them off.


The people have had enough.

As big of a freshman President we could ever have has had free reign on too many things and in a heartbeat it is very clear the road we have ahead. Socialism.

I pray we have enough true blooded Americans in the house and senate to finally realize this is exactly what we died fighting against. We fought to save our freedoms, rights , liberty, and fought against excessive taxes and governmental tyranny through these taxes against it's own people.

Here in CA, where spending is a right to our elected members....Gavin Newsom, Jester of SF has now banned all donut purchases for any and all SF city staff meetings. People no longer can choose to eat it or not. People are now told in the city staff what eat during business events. The feds are now launching into school food. It's up to parents and society to do this. Pack your kids F-ing lunch! This freak is planning on running for CA Governor.

Back to the new shift in our representatives voting....

I hope and pray the founding principles of this country will ultimately save us and get congress to rein in this whacko we have in office.


Where in Cali are you Rockscar?


And what is the POTUS doing running around the world having meetings, speeches and creating treaties etc. without the Secretary of Defense? Instead he brings his kids to march through the foriegn cities with a big Peace Sign shirt after your daddy signed an agreement that weakens the US position in the world?

He's a one man show superstar. All he needs to do is keep that profile and Americans will love him because he looks cool. We'd rather glorify celebrity, rather than acknowledge true heroic acts our fighting soldiers perform. If Obama keeps the celebrity status with the media, he has a chance to survive. Popularity, race and celebrity combined got him elected.

We are in trouble when our young generation is more active in what cool jeans they want or enamored with what Paris Hilton is doing today, rather than examine their own working future in this country. We have a 50% by-choice, ignorant population who can vote...and that's the scary thing.

Right wing rant over....