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Obama's Foreign Policy, Opinions?


Anyone care to express an opinion on Obama's foreign policy - in general? specifically?


From this end, he looks to have continued from where Bush left off.


Truth be told I think Bush made as many mistakes as Obama. The biggest blunder of Dubya's terms was Iraq which then became part of Obama's platform. Having said that, I'd be more inclined to support ANY Republican candidate(bar one) over Obama. Obama is hostile to Israel and it's a strategic mistake not dissimilar to Joseph P Kennedy's mistake in writing off Britain in the late 30's - as a power, an ally and a strategic staging post.

Someone important(can't remember) once said that at least 200 years space is needed to attempt to understand history. Tsarist archives that could shed light on the Napoleonic wars, the Great Game, Crimean War, Bolshevik revolution and much else besides, are still under lock and key. All we can do now to judge world events is to analyse contempory sources. Ahmed Rashid and Saleem Syed Shahzad etc. I draw very different conclusions from the information they reveal but in some cases I agree with them.

"When President Barack Obama decided to send an additional 30,000 soldiers to Afghanistan, his decision was made in terms of subtractions from and additions to al-Qaeda's numerical strength. Washington missed out on the story of al-Qaeda's evolution from the period 2002 to 2009, when it broadened its perspective to bring in new strategies. This saw the end of narrow targets like the 2002 Bali bombing, and it moved on to the higher level of cutting off the western coalition's supply lines, not only in Afganistan, but worldwide" - Syed Shahzad(assassinated by ISI May 2011)

Not only our supply lines but strategically vital areas like the Horn of Africa which controls access to the Persian Gulf.


I think Obama just hit Somalia when Kenya invaded, or so were claims in the Economist. If I'm remembering the article correctly, the French hit someone too.

I liked what Gates was doing in Yemen...quietly getting involved. I don't think we want boots on the ground there. Obama's got a pretty good kill list in the last few months, that's probably a positive. I hope we can help get the LRA.

Speaking of the US and Israel, I had forgotten that Sharron had said Bush was Chamberlain.

Anyway, I gotta go, but these are just random thoughts.